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BFP 6dpo or evap line??

Hi ladies,

This is my first post on here and at the moment I'm feeling a little bewildered!! We've been ttc for nearly 4 years now since we got married. I'm 37 and always thought my age was a factor but tests recently all came back fine.

We've tried all manner of ways to help conceive and I've been charting for over 2 years now. I finally got hubby to start taking Wellman conception 3-4 months ago before getting him tested.

I've been needing to pee really frequently all day which is unusual so decided to test this afternoon. Just with a cheap Amazon test strip but apparently they're more sensitive.

After about a minute there was one dark line so I just left it and went downstairs. About 15 minutes later I went back up to throw it away and there was a very clear (although pale) second pink line where the positive result line is.

I've read evap lines are usually grey and more to the side of the test? Can anyone elaborate on that at all? I know BFP's 6dpo are rare but also possible. The last time I had a faint line it was at 10dpo and that was a chemical nearly 3 years ago.

My dates are definitely right for ovulation as I chart and the only day we bd during my fertile period was on my ovulation day.

Sorry for the essay but any advice would be welcome! Thank you.

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