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PCSO, endometriosis and untreated unknown Chlamydia can't get pregant

Hi everyone. 

I have been TTC now for over 14months. I have been with my partner for 14 years. I have PCSO and endometriosis. Have had for many many years. After a trip to specialist a few weeks ago, I was unaware I have had Chlamydia many years ago. Apparently they can tell by certain swobs and blood tests. This was a huge shock and some difficult conversations between me and my partner. I have only ever had him as a sexual partner although he has had a hand full before we started seeing each other.  I am so scared ofthe outcome of my laparoscopy I have on 1st of May. I am unsure yet if it has effected both tubes or one or if any at all. It looks like maybe ivf is our way forward. I ovulate every month and mycycle is 28 days each more to the day. Can anyone offer me any help or guidance please. 


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