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Hi there,


I'm due to have a laparoscopy May16th and I wondering if I'm allowed to ttc that month?  It doesn't seem to say anything in any of the leaflets.

Has anyone had this procedure?  Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


  • Hi huni didnt want to read and run,

    I had a lap and dye done august 2011 i was still ttc, they were checking to see if my tube i have was blocked, (iv only 1 ovary and tube) to cut a long story short after years of trying and no luck i got my bfp november 2011, i fell in the october image 

    i swear the lap and dye helped by flushing out any crap image xx

  • I had a laparoscopy but for a different procedure. The surgery itself isnt bad . I recommend you buying peppermint cordial to help in the hours afterwards because you get trapped wind (carbon dioxide gets trapped under the diaphragm and can give shoulder pain) and that's sore. I forgot about it until my OH had a laparoscopy in march.

    The hospital didn't give him peppermint cordial for it and he had the trapped wind still two days later. Xx
  • omg i remember that part of it as well wish i had know about the peppermint stuff back then!

  • I was lucky that when I had mine they gave it to me when |I told them about the pain. 

    I was unhappy that when my OH had his the nurse said she would get it and never bothered.  So I knew the hospital had it. He then turned his nose up at the idea of me buying it for him so I didnt bother, was in first trimester of this pregnancy and was too tired to go out and get it if he wasnt for the idea lol. This mant he was needlessly sore for three days instead of a couple of hours. xx Defo, get some peppermint cordial just in case, hospital wouldnt give me a second glass and it is a godsend. 

  • Thanks ladies.  I'll be getting some peppermint tea will that work the same?

  • Maybe but the cordial tastes niceimage peppermint tea I don't like lol. The other remedies suggested when i googled it (bupa patient information sheet for laparoscopy)was ginger ale or beer, not sure which and carrot juice I think. Not entirely sure though x
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