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Clomid Tablets Success

Hi guys. I'm new to this been ttc since august 2011 so nearly 3 years, it seems a lot longer! I have just been put on Clomid 50mg. I have 6 cycles to take. I had my first one on Sunday the 4th. I would just like to hear some stories, how quick it happened? What side effects you had etc. Thank you for reading image xx


  • Hello Nikkita Im 26 in a couple of weeks and been trying to conceive since January 2011 after having the implant removed, I caught pregnant once before in 2007 but unfortunately I miscarried at 4 months we decided to wait before trying again because we hadn't been together long and it took me a long time to accept what had happened Then we got engaged and planned the wedding so it was a couple of years until we decided to try again, i didn't think we would have problems conceiving as I caught on the mini pill before how wrong could I be, I've had numerous tests and the only think that's come up is that I'm not ovulating on day 21, not sure if I do ovulate a different day as I'm now a 6 week cycle. My husband sperm completely normal. Finally after 3 years I've been prescribed clomid. I'm desperate to start taking it just waiting for my period to show my last 1 was February 15th. I'm too nervous to do test as I just don't believe it's gonna happen after all this time and I'm sick of the disappointment. And so many pregnancy signs are similar to period arriving. Sorry to go on lol but to talk tosome1 in the same situation that understands how I feel. I also have a rare kidney problem and a b12 deficiency that has caused extreme nerve damage But have full support  of the specialists and seen a obstetrician to put a plan in place. Hopefully we will both have the long awaited positive this year. I've been given 6 months clomid start day 2 for 5 days 50mg first month if I don't ovulate 100mg the rest of the months. Hopefully you like to keep I touch updating how we getting on

  • Hi Natasha28, sorry to hear your going through it all too. My first cycle (last month) on clomid 50mg helped me slightly I think but didn't make any follicles big enough to turn into ovulation. I am now on my second cycle which is 100mg. I'm really praying that this month works and I ovulate and conceive. All my fingers and toes are crossed! Hopefully you get some luck too. Feel free to chat any time image
  • Finished my second cycle of clomid 1st cycle of 100mg. I have my first scan on Wednesday the 18th (day 19 of my cycle) to see if I have a follicle to ovulate. I'm really praying on it. I feel like my wait has been long enough! Xxx
  • Hey guys.. I have some ovulation test/strips from last year. I just took one on Day 15 and was positive! Which is amazing as I have pcos and don't ovulate. Could this be because they are a year out of date? I am going to take another one later and get my partner to he he. Any advice or stories would be great
  • Hello Girls, I was wondering if someone could help me please. I will be starting to take provera tablets tomorrow to kick start my period as I haven't had one in a year. We have also been ttc for a year too, but as I have PCOS it's been difficult. As soon as my period arrives I will start to take clomid 50g. can anyone relate to this please? Give me tips or advice, I'm not getting my hopes up to fall pregnant on my first cycle but I've red that few women have done, i am staying positive. I'm confused about when I'm suppise to start taking clomid too?  is it when I'm on my first day of my period and take 1 a day for 4 days? I'm on 3 different tablets so it's all confusing. 

    Baby dust to everyone.


  • Hi JessG2

    I can't really be of much help as I don't know what provera is but I also suffer from pcos and am on my second cycle of clomid. My 1st cycle was 50mg and my 2nd is 100mg. I has my bloods taken on Wednesday and was told yesterday that I did ovulate image so that's great news, now I just need to wait to see if my period turns up or do a test. The last couple of days I've had mild cramping like period pains so I have a bad feeling that maybe my period is coming soon. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll help where I can image baby dust to you!
  • Christina - buying clomid online is very dangerous - you need to be properly monitored as you could overstimulate.

    After trying to conceive for flippin ages - we found that my luteal phase was only a few days so i was prescribed clomid.  We fell the first month with our darling babies that we lost on 28th November 2008 then fell on our 3rd cycle on 12th March 2009 which resulted in our very precious gorgeous little man Toby.  It then took 10 months and our final month of 150mg clomid and we fell with our little ray of sunshine Sammy, this was a triple pregnancy but lost one at 5 weeks and one about 11 weeks.  I feel truly blessed and whilst it was the most difficult awful most traumatic time of my life - i just cannot believe I have been blessed with my boys. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not buy online xxx

  • Just an update.

    I finisned my second child of clomid and after blood tests they confirmed I did ovulate (I was over the moon) but unfortunately it didn't lead to me conceiving. I've just finished my 3rd cycle so my fingers are crossed I ovulate and conceive and have a healthy pregnancy! image baby dust to you all x
  • Hello nikkita,

    I have now finished my 1st course of clomid, my period is due in 14days let's hope she doesn't show image 

    I have been having crazy symptoms like bloating , heart burn, acne, twinge, cramping and mood swings. I think I'm only 5dpo and I defiantly populated this month.

    Did you have any of these symptoms? Good luck for your 2nd month I hope this is your time to have a baby. 

    Baby dust xxxxxx

  • Hi Jess

    Aww exciting stuff image what mg are you on? My 1st month was 50mg then I had 100mg so this is my 3rd month but second of 100mg.

    I did an ovulation test last night and it was positive so fingers crossed I can conceive this month.

    The 1st month I felt poorly on clomid and quite moody and had cramping but my 2nd month I felt fine just a bit of cramping and this month I was VERY moody my poor partner bless him!

    My sister gave birth to her second son yesterday so that was a very emotional time. Excitement and love for her and my nephew but I think also the pain of knowing I'm struggling so much to have my own children.

    Thank you I hope this is my month too : D good luck to you keep me updated image xxx
  • Hello nikkita imageimage


    I am on 50mg atm,I did take ovulation tests but lost track of what days I ovulated so I am not definate on how many dpo I am... I can't complain though as I know I definitely did and me and my partner have had frequent intercourse. So hopefully I got it at the right time..


    I have heard so many stories about women falling on their first dose but trying not to get my hopes up, today I've had sharp shooting pains around my ovaries and a lot of watery discharge which I'm confused about... bloated again today so that hasn't changed.


    I know how you feel when it comes to others having babies, my best friend just told me she is expecting and that's after having sex once, so I was more than jealous but very happy for her at the same time.


    My mood swings sound like yours and I do feel for our partners at the moment as my head is all over the place, I'm very tired and I keep forgetting things at work. I keep waking up in the morning feeling very sick and then it goes.


    Please stay in contact as I'd like to share our positives together imageimage


    When are you planning on testing if af doesn't arrive? I will be testing on the 1st August image I will then be a week late.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Fingers crossed


  • Hi Jess

    Oh ok that's good then I'm sure your covered image yes I read a lot of about conceiving on the 1st month and got my hopes up :/ but just stop positive image

    When do you take your tablet? I take mine at night so I sleep off the feeling rubbish! I've had a few twinges too. I have had a positive ovulation test yesterday and today so hopefully it works for us. Unfortunately my partner has a normal amount of sperm but a low amount of 'perfect' sperm so we're fighting against that too. So I'm thinking the last 2 failed cycles may be from my partners side. But I would never say that image

    Well since I've started my clomid my cycle have been regular of exactly a month I came on the 1st of June and 1st of July so it's due on the 1st of August so if it hasn't arrive by about the 2nd to 3rd I will test image xx
  • I took my tablet on days 2-5 and I took them first thing In the morning image

    My partner hasn't been checked yet, if my 3 months course of clomid doesn't work then he will be. My period was induced by provera as I didn't have one in a year due to my PCOS, hence why I'm waiting the whole week to test in case it is going to be late.

    At least our cycles are close together! 


  • Hi ladies, sorry to butt in. Just been reading your stories. I wondered have you ever considered using a lubricant? I only suggest it because I'd been ttc for a year and the first month I used it I got pregnant. We've never used (or needed) a lubricant before and I was very sceptical, but it's true that sex does become a 'job' when you're ttc so I suppose it's only natural you might 'dry up' a bit (sorry if it's tmi!). It might help with the low amount of 'perfect' sperm? I'm no doctor so don't know for sure. Don't think there's anything in it that could interfere with any medication. (we used Preseed)

    Just a suggestion. Good luck image

  • Thank you I've not heard about that before suppose it's worth a try, anything is! He he

    Hi Jess oh you take them in the morning, maybe try taking them at night then you sleep off the symptoms image talking off symptoms this evening I feel really uncomfortable and bloated like I have a big sack on air in the lower stomach :/ I'm thinking it's a sign of ovulation.

    Yes they are image we can keep each other going he he hopefully it will both our months image

  • Hello nikkita,

    Well nowI've finished my first dosage I will take them in the evening of my 2nd dose, let's hope I don't have to though.

    Oh really, that's a good sign image let's hope you are ovulation! It's all exciting. Been having some lower back pains and a lot of watery discharge still.. My body is telling me all sorts.

    Yes this could bequite very exciting month for both of us imageimage

    imageimage  xxxx

  • Yes hopefully you won't need to but if you do I think taking them before bed is the best that's what a lot of ladies do image yes I have some very strange discharge on my first 2 cycles it was like jelly :S when I asked about it they said that's normal with clomid.

    Fingers crossed for us image keep me updated xxxxx
  • All symptoms gone today apart from creamy discharge and water =/ Tmi sorry lol.

    Yes, keep me updated too xx

  • My tummy still feels bloated but not as bad as last night image have you done an ovulation test? I'm taking one every day to keep track of when I stop ovulating they advised me to do them from day 13 to day 17 image

    I will do image xxxx
  • Hello Nikkita

    I have been doing ovulation tests and I haven't been ovulation since the 15th image

    I have a lot of cramping again today and movements, putting it down to clomid though.

    Have youpopulated yet? I took a test everyday too. 


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