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My experience with unprescribed clomid

This is my second post on here. No sites really explain what happens when you take unprescribed clomid. Im not here to give a lecture, well far from it, im here as someone who couldn't conceive for a very long time after having a miscarriage which was my first and only pregnancy. I bought Clomid online. I knew the dangers but still took it. After the second day the pain in my abdomen and lower back was really bad so after only taking 2 50mg Clomid tablets over 2 days i stopped them. I had a Ultrasound scan booked in 2 weeks after, not due to taking Clomid this was because i wanted answers as to why i could not conceive. I wasn't worried about the pain i was going through as i had a scan coming up so i got on with my life and didn't think anything about it. I went for my scan and before i arrived home my GP rang me and asked for my consent to refer me to a gynaecologist under the 2 week cancer rule. He told me i had a very large cyst on my left ovary, i could not take in what he was saying, i thought well if it was from the Clomid it would be ok, so why was he saying this to me? After all dont cancerous cysts look different? the weekend i searched various sites and none came up with the answers i needed. Could clomid could do this to me? I googled ovarian cancer over and over and cysts from clomid, but because i couldn't be patient and wait and find out why i couldn't get pregnant, i am now stuck with the worry, Is this a cyst from Clomid or is this Malignant? I went to see my doctor in tears today begging him for answers. He told me the size of the cyst is worrying and this is why i have been referred. If i had just waited would i have this cyst now? Or did i have an underlying problem? Do i have a tumor? I dont know, so now at the age of 24 i am worrying i have ovarian cancer, panic attacks and my mind is all over. My stomach is bloated, especially on the left side and i can barely eat now due to the pain when i do eat and nausea. Obviously i was too worried to tell my GP about Clomid. What i am saying is no one really posts about the dangers of clomid or gives their story, so i hope mine will prevent at least one person reading this post from taking it until they go through the proper treatment and health checks. I can not believe how stupid i have been and now i am paying for it
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