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Test results

I have got a copy of results today but I can't understand some things like uterus is anteverted , both ovaries normal  left ovary has a  physiological cyst and right ovary has got multifollicular appearance  with a physiological cyst .. 

Does this mean I have pcos or it's something else does anyone know image

Thank you x


  • Hi Mrs MB image

    Physiological cysts are the kind that appear during your cycle and are caused by the hormone influence in your cycle. I have recently had a large cyst removed from my right ovary that sadly didn't go during my cycles. Did your consultant not discuss the findings with you hun? The anteverted uterus will be where it tilts forward slightly. Hope that helps slightly. I've been there and finally got our 2nd BFP after 3yrs so know how daunting it all is x

  • Hi happy2hook

    Thanks for reply , no they didnt discuss nothing at all when I finished the test they were like here you thats done and I told them that I was thinking to discuss my results and the doctor was like you will have your results on your post ..I have 0.6 cm cyst on right ovary and 0.9cm on left ovary x
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