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Symptoms and Very High and Very Soft Cervix but -hpt...

Hey everyone, so this is my first post...

I am currently about 3 days late and my bb's are sore and I am very moody.

My cervix is very high, almost can't reach it and it has grown softer over the last couple of days. Like definitely the consistency of your lips. I know this isn't a good indicator to go by for pregnancy but I felt this might be the month.

I have no signs of aunt flo showing up and I took an equate blue line test and saw a line come up immediately but almost disappear and then very very faint almost couldn't see it but it was blue and it  showed up before the allotted time was over. But I read those are bad tests and bought a FR and it came up negative today.

My question is, should I take another test or am I probably not pregnant...

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate any responses!!!


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