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iui or ivf? ltttc with unexplained infertility

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new to this site and looking for some welcome advice.

me and my other half have been trying to conceive our first child for four and a half years now image all test have come back fine, partners little men tests all normal, tests and blood work show i ovulate, fhs levels normal and lap and dye shows all normal, i have never been pregnant and now have first appointment at care in Nottingham next Thursday

we have to pay privately and looking as though ivf may be a bit too much money for us, has anyone had successful iui with ltttc with unexplained infertility?


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  • I'm only going to be partially helpful. My DH and I had "unexplained infertility" and our fertility Dr recommended doing 2 rounds of IUI before trying IVF. This suggestion was because of the cost.

    We were supposed to do IUI in November last year but I ended up getting pregnant naturally the cycle before IUI was to start.

    I haven't done IVF but I think IUI might be the best place to start
  • thank you for the advice and congratulations on the pregnancy!! image

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