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Long term try-er.... got my bfp :)

Hello image I've also posted on the 'Trying' forum but seeing as I hang out here more (and always have done), I wanted to post here too. Hope that's ok.

We got a bfp! A little in shock still, but happy. My pic shows 11dpo (top) and 12dpo (bottom, today's stick). 

We've tried for over 18 months, and were referred to the fertility clinic a year ago. Finally started proper treatment in March with horrid results, then this month, everything fell into place and there we go! Bfp image 

There's a chance for everyone out there. I know it might not be the perfect ending because problems happen (I've had my fair share on non-fairytale endings on this ttc journey...) but right now, I'm delighted to know that my body CAN conceive. 

I'm in for a 7 week scan at the clinic in a few weeks (I'm technically 4 weeks tomorrow) then a 12 there, too. They really are great at looking after the long term ladies at my clinic, so I'm really happy image

Hoping this brings a bit of hope to some long term ladies on here image




  • Baaahhh!!! So happy to see the tests!! They are definitely very clear positives. So thrilled for you. Happy and healthy 9 months to you!
  • Congratulations. It gives us all a bit of hope. I too have been trying to conceive for 18 months with no such luck. To be honest apart from hoping for the best I haven't really done much in terms of tracking my ovulation so maybe it's find to give that a try. I am also trying to get an appointment with the doctor to try and find out if there is a reason I am finding it so difficult. It's nice to hear a happy story though x
  • Congratulations!!!!!!!! image love a positive story!! Happy 9 months to you!!! Xx
  • Congrats this restores my hope image x

  • Thank you! Still keep testing to make sure I didn't make it up image Haha! x

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