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Clomid not working

TTC to conceive for 3 years naturally, long waits on NHS etc finally seen last year and was diagnosed with severe polycystic ovarian syndrome, always known there was something wrong as since the age of 14 ive only had 7 naturally occuring periods and I'm now 27. Took another year to see a specialist as partner and I had all the necessary tests several times as they kept losing the results!!! Finally seen specialist in June, started 50mg clomid did not induce ovulation or period, started 100mg clomid no ovulation no period, tried contacting hospital for advice on what to do next as they have pretty much left me to my own devices had no monitoring or blood work done during the months as they never have any appointments on the days I require them. 

Literally at breaking point now, as feel so unsupported by the hospital, can anyone give me any advice on if they will up the clomid dosage again to 150mg and the other treatment options available on the NHS regarding other meds or injectables. 

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