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PCO and Clomid

Hello Ladies,

I have been following your posts closely during my journey TTC. I have never joined a site like this before so please bare with me while I get to grips with how everything works. 

Let me give you some background information.

I came of BCp just over 2 years ago and my periods did not return, at the time I thought this was normal after stopping BC and that my body needed time to get back to how it was prior to BC, so did not go to see my DR.

March this year my periods still not returned although I started to have very strong pains in my stomach which resulted in a hospital visit, it was then that I found out I had PCO but not the syndrome and to be told of the nurse (her exact words) I would only ever be able to have a test tube baby!  It was like I had been hit by a bus and I felt numb.

March this year I started the long drawn out procedure of waiting to see a Fertility Specialist, I had my first appointment in June and to my total surprise I had my first period in over 2 years 2 weeks before my appointment, in my mind I thought yes everything is working again! whoop whoop.

Turned out not to be the case, the Dr told me I was not ovulating I and have multiple cysts on each ovary, another hit by a bus moment!  My next step was to have a HSG to check my tubes.

I had the HSG done in September and the Dr was pleased as tubes not blocked and were wide enough to easily pass an egg, I was then prescribed 50MG of Clomid.

I have now finished my first round of Clomid and had my first Follicle scan last Monday at cd14, this turned out to be dissapointing as had 2 follicles one at 9.5mm and the other a tiny 7.5mm.  The Dr told me that the first round Clomid has not worked although still wants to have bloods at day 21 to see if I did infact ovulate. If I have ovulated I stay on 50mg of clomid, if I havent ovulated my Clomid dose is increased to 100mg.

My bloods are booked in for tomorrow.  I have been using OPK stick since Friday continuing to today.  What is puzzling me is that  Sat/Sun/and Monday 's sticks all show a positive line the strongest and darkest line i have ever had! 

Is it possible that those small follicles have been growing since last Monday and I have infact ovulated?

I am finding all of this so stressful and confusing and would love to hear from anyone who has been through a similar experience.

I apologise for such a long post.

Thanks for listening Ladies and hope to hear from you soon




  • Hi there Chipmunk

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a stressful time ttc.  It is very stressful going through all of these procedures and knock backs, it can really get you down, I know how you feel x  Try and stay positive, I know that's easy for people to say but it really does help.  It will happen for you but maybe you've got a bit of a bumpier ride than you had expected?  I'm not sure about your readings, I use the digital ovulation kit which places a smiley face when you have you know the ones I mean?

    I too have read these forums but never joined up until I read your post.  Mine's a long story but to keep it simple, here goes:  My partner and I had been ttc for over a year.  I spoke to my GP who sent me to a fertility clinic in September and I had a (painful!) HSG - fortunately I was told that everything looked clear and that there shouldn't be any reason that it won't happen.  We were told to do the ovulation sticks and to use our windows properly. I was also prescribed clomid, predominantly because the Dr felt that my cycles were too short at just 24 days (they were 26 up until June which is still not ideal) so she felt that clomid would be appropriate to help lengthen out my cycles?  I'm not entirely sure how it all works as I do ovulate, so my prescription was about lengthening my I got the prescription and was about to start them that month.

    Low and behold, before even starting the clomid, I fell pregnant!  I think the HSG cleared something and it happened for us. Sadly I miscarried a few weeks ago, at 5 weeks, which was such an upsetting time BUT I feel that it was obviously not meant to be at that time and we are moving forward.

    The fertility Dr was lovely and we chatted about the miscarriage - she said that these things happen for a reason and that it's the bodies natural way of dealing with any potential problems.  They don't really do any investigation into the miscarriage unless you've had 3, so they've basically told me to start again when I'm ready.

    So, I started my first round of Clomid 3 days ago!  I am irrational, emotional, tearful, angry - I'm not great on this drug at all but I'm hoping that it will do what it needs to do quickly.  I'm trying to eat healthily, exercise, I've also cut out caffeine to just 2 cups a day and my other half is doing the same.  Fingers crossed it happens.

    Good luck with your bloods for tomorrow - let us know how you get on.



  • Hi LadyPea

    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, its touching to know somebody you have never met takes the time out of their day to reply back to you                        

    I am so sorry to hear you had a miscarriage, that must have been, and still is a very difficult time for you and your partner, when we first start trying for a baby we never think it will involve so many highs and lows. 

    I do believe the same as yourself and the fertility doctor that miscarriage, as heart breaking and devastating it is, is our body’s natural way of telling us something wasn’t right.  Doesn’t make it any easier to get your head round though.

    Looking forward is positive and a good space to be in, we can get really down and stay down or dust ourselves of and start again.  Like you I choose start again no matter how hard it is at times.

    I am with you on Clomid….. My god I was like a woman possessed, crying and crying and crying some more, I looked a complete state and couldn’t concentrate on anything other than TTC, got myself in a right state at work, looking back I feel slightly embarrassed!  

    It get confusing with cycle days, lengths, windows, temps, charting… never really gave any of that much thought! It certainly not romantic anymore! Lol

    I bought a load of cheap opk sticks, but think I’m going get the digital ones also, it gets expensive all this testing, some people are getting very rich from baby making.

    I am happy that my post encouraged you to join up and also share your journey.  I don’t know about you but actually writing down everything that we have been going through was actually therapeutic in some way.

    It’s nice to talk to someone who can relate with what you are going through, I feel that I do rather put on poor Husband.  It’s almost like I am expecting him to have all the answers!

    I will let you know how my bloods come back.

    Keep your head up and stay strong, I have everything crossed for your first round of Clomid, you only have a few more days left to take and you will start to feel more like yourself again.

    Like you said in your post it WILL happen again.


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