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Im not ovulating anyone took anything for this? Agnus castus

Hi everyone i was wondering if i could get a little advice or guidance, success stories welcome to.

Ive been ttc for over a year now and my bloods have came back fine a little low on proseterone i dont think im ovulating infact i know im not my cycles are very long 45+ days and very painful. The dr just keeps recommending that i keep trying but its making me go insane all as me and my partner want its to have a baby of our own.Its getting me so down and all i see everywhere is bumps and babies, im trying to keep positive but every time i get my period its heart breaking, Ive researched and researched and found a million different herbal meds to take to help me with ttc. The best one ive read is agnus castus so i bought a tub of 90 tablets, however they are only 100mg dose it is advised on the tub to take only 2 a day but ive read that people have been on a much higher dose, i dont no how much to take im taking the 2 a day atm but should i up my dose and how effective can this be?

 i was wondering if anyone had any advice for me or have been through the same kind of thing, im also taking floic acid 3x a day.
Thanks would be much appreciated :)


  • hi ive been ttc for around 8 years now, im not ovulating, still don't know the cause which is really frustrating, ive been taking Angus castus gor a month now. Got my af at the moment which was 11 days late, but excited to start testing for ovulation image ive noticed a few changes with my body (hair growth, certain smells making me feel nauseous) so hopefully it's strated giving my hormones a kick up the bum 

  • hi skyla, 8 years must be very fustrating but it sounds like things are going towards a positive way for you.

    i took angus castus for one month but i was told not to take it past ovulation but i wasnt sure if i was ovulating so i took it all that month then the next month i had a normal 35 day cycle it wasnt painful and i felt really posotive about it as if the angus castus reset all my hormones and i defo ovulated. Ive started a new cycle and i havnt took angus castus this time round, and i know i ovulated im so excited but trying to keep my cool about it, im now 12dpo so just waiting game now...

  • Hi yeah I'm not going to lie at one point it felt as if not ovulating was taking over my life image things were made worse when my relationship broke down an the hospital refused to investigate why I wasn't ovulating because I was single. Yesterday was the last day of my period so im going to begin testing today as my period was so late when it's usually on time So it's definately had an effect on my cycle 

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