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Feeling stressed 8 months of trying


me and my partner have been trying for our first child for 8 months now and I'm beginning to feel really stressed!! I track my cycle every month and typically ovulate around day 19 and my cycle is about 33 days long! I am taking those pre conception vitamins, I have stopped alcohol, I am a healthy weight, I have regular sex and still nothing!! I really have no one to talk to I dont want to stress my partner out and my best friend is pregnant so it's pretty hard! Everyone seems to be pregnant at the moment and I'd give anything to get a positive result!! I'm sorry to ramble but it feels good to talk to some people who understand about it all!!! Any support would be greatly appreciated!!!




  • Hi Andreag1990, welcome to MadeForMums! Sorry to hear how stressed you are feeling,TTC can be frustrating, especially when you want it so much! Why not pop over to this thread to chat to the lovely ladies there who have been TTC for 8 months. Wishing you all the best. x

  • Huni don't be stressed 8 months is nothing, they say it can take any normal couple a year of trying before you fall pregnant it took me a lot lot longer but I got there Xxx

  • Thankyou I think even talking on here really helps to de stress!! How long did it take you to become pregnant? And did u go for testing? Xxx

  • I had a dye test done to make sure my tube was not blocked, a few years before ttc I lost an ovary and tube to a twister cyst, but it took me 3.5 years in a first relationship it's what split us in the end, and then another 2.5 years with my partner but we have have 2 well loved boys one aged 2 and one ages 5 months xx

  • Aw wow that's fantastic although musty have been extremely stressful to go through all of that! X

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