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I don't know if anyone remembers me

hi everyone, some of you if you have been on this site a few years may remember me. I joined back in 2012 when I started clomid after ttc for 2 years and no luck, diagnosed with pcos.. Fell on  my 2nd cycle and mc. Went on to have 4 more cycles and nothing . Had 3 iuis and still nothing . My last iui was September 2013 when I had a large cyst burst on my ovary and my husband said no more treatment! my health was more important and so was our marriage . We decided to leave it a few months and start again , the heart ache of thinking that I wouldn't ever have a family and o couldn't gove my husband a baby was horrible. we decided to try clomid one more time on my next period jan 2014. I went and picked up my medication , and we waited to start . A few weeks went by and no period , then I decided to do the dreaded test that I spent the last God knows how many years doing every month. I could of had shares in clear blue digital!!! I was pregnant! all natrual we had done it omg how over the moon we was , it was a total miricle, jessica was born 6th nov 2014.... she was our miracle baby and if I never had anymore I really didn't care because I have her! Well..... I am now 9 weeks pregnant again and due end of November 2015!! Jess is only 5 1/2 months we could not believe it, we are feeling truly blessed it's un true , just wanted to give people some hope that suffer from pcos that I can happen , you really have just got to relax and as soon as you take your eye off the ball like I did and started my driving lessons and stuff , had my mind else where I fell pregnant! Good luck ladies , anyone who would like to message me and ask any questions then feel free xx


  • Hi Lottie1988. Welcome back and, wow, HUGE congratulations!

    Your story is amazing - your words brought tears to my eyes – and it's so wonderful to hear about Jessica's birth. 

    And now you're pregnant again. Brilliant!

    Thank you so much for coming back and telling us all about what's happened for you. It's such a lovely story of hope and joy.

    You might like to know we have a Due In November Birth Club over here. Do please pop over and join the chat - I'm sure everyone would love to welcome you in!

  • hi lottie i remember you image

    i had 2 m/c july and december 2013 then went on to fall in feb 2014 had harry october 2014 well im also pregnant again! baby due 1/11/2015! 2 weeks after harry will be 1 lol

    hope your keeping well? xxx

  • should of added harry is only 6 months old now as well xxx

  • Wow this gives me hope. I'm.about to start my First round of Clomid and I'm so nervous and just anxious.  I pray ???? I get pregnant on the first try! When should I test for ovulation? 

  • This is great news Sarah! Congratulations , it's amaxing how our bodies current themselves , good luck in your pregnancy xx

  • Thanks huni and you xxx

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