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DTC 2015

Welcome to determined to conceive (DTC).

This post is here for people who are on a journey to reach their BFP, For anyone whose journeys are not as straightforward as they have hoped!, This can be just referred or starting fertility or currently undergoing treatment.

There is no pressure of needing daily/weekly threads, You can pop in and out as much or as little as you need, You can share your experiences and travel along your
fertility journeys with others who are also travelling along a longer/less straight forward than hoped for.



  • I'll start this one off.

    I'm Enjayee, been TTC for 17 months with no luck. In autumn last year we found out that my husband's sperm quality was very poor so it looked like we were headed straight for IVF. We were referred in November to the Danish version of the NHS, only to find out they wouldn't see us until April. So we decided to go private. From there my husband was advised to take folic acid and a multi vit, increase fish intake, and the classic cut down on alcohol/coffee. In one month of doing all of that his next sperm count went from practically no sperm to just below normal; when they tested again to make sure it wasn't a fluke the results came back normal! So just last week we started our IUI journey.

    I've been injecting myself with 50ie of Puregon every evening for seven nights which I believe may help release more than one egg. My scan this morning showed that my lining is looking good and the eggs are getting bigger, although it was a touch early for me to get the shot which will release them. So I'm going back in on Monday which will be CD13 to see if the eggs have grown more, which the nurse is pretty confident of. I have to keep injecting until then. It sounds a bit depressing but it's really not - in fact I'm just happy that things are finally on the move. I know it's no guarantee to a baby but I feel we're on the way and there doesn't seem to be any reason as to why it won't work - whether that's first or third time round :-)

  • Hi guys,

    Thankyou for setting up this post CC it will be nice to be involved again!

    Enjayee I'm so excited for you, I know that probably sounds weird but its like you've been able to retake some control over what is happening! I have everything crossed for you! I'm sorry if its too personal but are you having the IUI privately? Just I asked about it as it sounded like the perfect option rather than going straight to IVF but was told they don't offer it on the NHS anymore in my area (Surrey).

    AFM my husband and I have been trying for 16 months, I have PCOS so have irregular cycles. I started with the fertility clinic in September last year and am now on my fourth round of clomid (cd28). I didn't ovulate on the first go (50mg) but since then I have been on 100mg and have ovulated every cycle since but not been successful in getting a bfp yet! I am on the waiting list for a laparoscopy which apparently will be in the next few months to see if my tubes are blocked, after that the doc indicated the next step is IVF which as I mentioned above was a surprise as I thought there would be something in between!

    AF is due between Sunday and Tuesday and I don't think we have been successful this month (performance issues at the key time because of the pressure- sorry if TMI!) so am trying to be really positive that next month is our month! I have started to think that my stress levels may be to blame and unfortunately that won't change as there is no way of making my job unstressful so this month I am planning to make my non work time stress free (I'm thinking of trying yoga!)! I don't know how well I'll do but it's worth a try!

    My husbands sperm analysis came back with a low percentage on progressive motility and low normal forms. This of course means nothing to us but he is starting on Proxeed Plus to see if we can make it better! He has to have another one done in March to see if there's any improvement, hopefully we'll have a similar result to yours enjayee!

    I know I have absolutely nothing to moan about and others have much more traumatic journeys than mine but I do have up and down days and am excited to have somewhere to come for support without the pressure of trying to stay involved daily on the other thread (I am always lurking but not contributing which makes me feel like a stalker!).

    Sorry for the huge me me me post, I must have been holding it all in during the lurking!! Hello to all who follow!

  • Nothing is too personal on Mumdrum, Scotty! Ask away!

    We are indeed having the IUI privately. We went to the private clinic thinking we would be paying for IVF and when we found out H's sperm was ok, they recommended IUI that they could perform there for free - the only thing we had to pay for is the medicine which, compared to what IVF costs, is a drop in the ocean. My advice to you is do NOT blame yourself for anything. It could be any number of reasons but don't put it down to you being stressed. We put ourselves through so much emotion with TTC and heaping unnecessary blame onto ourselves just adds to it. We all need to remember to be kind to ourselves during this whole thing, myself included. It's so easy to blame ourselves but we really really shouldn't.

    I really do recommend yoga though, a friend of mine recently went to a relaxation class with gongs - sounded weird but she said it was one of the most destressing experiences ever! I destress through the gym and pole fitness - anything to keep my mind 'in the moment' and not wandering onto the subject of babies.

    Also, don't berate yourself for moaning. This could be one of the toughest things you go through - I know it has been for me and it's taken my marriage to the brink and back again. Don't feel pressured to post everyday - although we'd of course love to hear from you! :-) - but do know that if you EVER want to moan or just to chat, there are always ladies here to hold hands. Mumdrum has been a fabulous source of support to me and has been a place where I can write things down where I know I won't be judged. There are some things I've written on here which I haven't been able to tell my closest friends. And finally - don't apologise for the me me me post! If you can't get it out here, then where can you? :-)

    Wishing you the best of luck in the next steps of the journey. Xxxx

  • Hi Ladies,

    Thank you for starting this CC.

    Enjayee - So glad it's going well so far, I really hope it works first time.  What are the needles like?!

    Scotty - Moan away and don't feel bad for doing it, we are all in a this tough situation together and it is so hard.  I hope you get some answers soon.

    AFM - My H and I have been trying for 20 months now, we went to our NHS doc in June after one year and she wouldn't refer us for tests for another year so we had the tests done privately. All came back ok apart from my hycosy was inconclusive.  One side is fine but they couldn't see the other, from googling it is quite possibly nothing to worry about and this does happen with the hycosy sometimes. We are going to try and bit longer and if nothing happens we will get the ball rolling with IVF.  I really hope we don't get that far though as I'm petrified of needles and not sure how I'll do it!

  • The needles are absolutely fine. 2cm in length at the most. Because you inject into your stomach you really don't feel anything other than the initial *** of it going in. I cried for ten minutes before the first one but I feel like a pro now! I am terrible with standard vaccinations and get so shaky beforehand so was terrified of this but honestly, once the first one is done they'll start flying in x

  • Thankyou for your lovely supportive messages, I was having a bad day for coping as I know we all have!

    Enjayee- thankyou for all your advice, really helped me when i needed it! You are right about not blaming myself and I will definitely be looking into yoga for relaxing! I read about your pole classes on the daily threads (stalker!) it sounds amazing and I can see how it would be great not just for fitness but for confidence too! Thanks for the info re IUI, it's great that they offered it rather than let you go straight for the more expensive and intrusive IVF. The needles sound awful but completely worth it, I have everything crossed that things are happening right now for you!

    CC- thankyou again for setting up the thread and hope all is well with you :)

    Lulu- sorry to hear that you have been trying for so long and that the hycosy was inconclusive, fingers crossed that you can get there naturally and avoid the evil needles!

    AFM- I feel completely embarrassed to say that after all my moaning my period didnt arrive and I got a BFP, it is very early days and we're terrified of losing the bean but feel so unbelievably lucky, thankyou all so much for supporting me when I felt like giving up! I hope with all my heart that you will all get your BFP's soon too xx

  • Congratulations Scotty! So thrilled for you!

    AFM - I've been TTC since the beginning of 2013 (on and off - H and I seperated for about 6 months, but are now very happily back together). I have PCOS and extremely irregular cycles. We were referred to fertility at the beginning of 2014. H's SA originally came back low, retested and it was extremely low, so we went private for it to be retested (being able to provide the sample there and then, rather than having to do it at home and bring it in on a hot tube) and it came back normal which was wonderful (although motility was borderline). H has been taking conception vits since. I had all the usual tests and an HSG which came back normal. Started clomid at the end of last year, currently on my second cycle. I ovulated on 50mg but my 7DPO progesterone was a tad lower than expected so they put me on 100mg for this cycle. Doesn't seem to have made any difference (got a positive OPK on exactly the same CD as last time) but I'm ovulating so that's all that matters!

  • Oh wow, Scotty, I almost missed this! I'm really thrilled for you; lots and lots of vibes for a sticky bean xx

  • Congratulations Scotty, vibes for a sticky bean. Glad, in the best possible way, that you're not part of the DTC club anymore. X

  • That's wonderful news Scotty :-)

  • Congratulations Scotty that is great news! Lets hope this is the start of lots of dtc bfps!!

  • Hi all,

    Thankyou so much for your lovely messages, I hope you are right Lulu and that this is the start of lots of bfp's! Thankyou all so much for your support and advice, you are all so lovely and I couldn't have got through TTC without this forum (the thing with being a lurker is you feel involved even if you're not!)

    Peanut- that's great that you are ovulating and that Your H's results have come back good! just so you know my H's results were ok over all but lower than they wanted in two areas one of which was motility, he hadn't started taking his vitamins yet when we got our BFP (clearly this helped his bruised ego and there has been lots of talk of his super sperm!) I have everything crossed for you!!!

    Enjayee- without sounding like an absolute weirdo I think of you sometimes and wonder how many days past O you are!! I keep checking back to see if you've had a symptoms! I really hope this is your cycle!

    Lulu-  I've read about quite a few people who got their bfp soon after their hycosy (I think saffron was one of them) i don't know why that is but fingers are crossed for you!!

    CC- thank you for all your support and positivity, you are an inspiration! good luck to you when you start trying again!!

    Tayto- thankyou as well for your support, you are so lovely I really hope that this is your cycle too!

    Good luck to everyone I will be checking daily to see everyone's news!

  • IUI round 1 failed. Devastated this morning. Am going to eat what I want, do what I want, will try to process the grief today so we can get cracking with the next cycle. Next week marks 18 months since we started trying. I'm not handling it very well today but I'll get through it. I should have known better than to get my hopes up.

  • Sorry to hear your news Enjayee. It's natural to get your hopes up and awful when those hopes fail to materialise. Hopefully cycle two will be the one. xx

  • Hi Ladies,

    How are you all doing?

    Just thought I'd try and keep this post going by putting my update in here as well as the chat thread.  Doc has reffered us so we should have an appointment in around 4 weeks. My acupuncturist and my doc both mentioned clomid might be worth a try as my 21 day bloods although were ok were on the low side of the scale so I might not be getting a effective ov. I feel glad that a fixable problem could have been identified but at the same time annoyed that I could have been wasting my time all these months grrrrr.

  • Glad you've got the ball rolling Lulu, I hope it doesn't take long for your appointment to come through.

    AFM I'm currently on my 3rd round of Clomid and got a positive OPK today. Its my birthday tomorrow so I'm hoping for some birthday luck!

  • Best of luck for this round Peanut - tonnes and tonnes of vibes for you x

  • Thank you Tayto - looks like your vibes did the job as a got a BFP on Wednesday! We are absolutely over the moon but terrified since its still very early days. I have absolutely everything crossed for the rest of the MD TTCers and extra vibes for the DTCers x

  • Congratulations peanut!!!! That's amazing news and what an amazing almost birthday present!! Everything crossed for you and your sticky bean!! Xxx

  • Thank you Scotty :) how are things going with you?

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