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TTC for 1 yr 4 m with no luck

Hi, so my boyfriend & I have being TTC for 1 yr & 4 m. He is 29 & I am 19. I am new to all this talk about periods & ovulation so please bare with me. To start off, I am irregular. My mother had to take me to the OBGYN at the age of 16 to see why my AF wasn't coming on every month. They did some blood work and put me on birth control to get my AF going... I took it for a few months but discontinued because within 3 months I had gained too much weight while on the pills. So, I let a year and a couple months go by then decided to go see another doctor. He did an ultrasound & told me my ovaries were "swollen". He prescribed me 5mg. Provera 2 pills a day for 7 days for 3 months to "regulate" my AF. It worked for 2 months after the 3 months of being taking the pills. After that, no more AF.... I gave up on trying to regulate my AF & getting it working right until last year.... when my boyfriend & I decided that we wanted a baby. Ever since June of last year, we have been trying with no luck, because my period comes on MAYBE 2 OR 3 times a year... I just recently decided to take the Provera pills this month & got my AF on the 21st & stayed on til the 26th... but now I don't know if I am going to ovulate or not. These past few days, even this AF was still on, I started feeling hotter which is unusual. It's been 4 days in a row that I touch NY forehead and check my temperature & it's slightly higher than usual. But if AF just went off on the 26, there's no way I could be pregnant, right? 

I just really need some help & advice on this subject because this is all so confusing & stressful to me & he has no clue about female problems. We really want a baby but it seems like we're not doing something right image

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