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I need to know I'm not alone.

I know that I'm not actually alone in my struggle to conceive, but I would love to talk to other TTC or moms that had a hard time. I have bought and read three different fertility/ttc books, and have been doing research. But it just isn't the same as talking to someone.. I just moved so I don't know anyone women where I live, and I only have two friends, one who had no trouble getting pregnant, and the other is still trying to find a boyfriend. 

My husband and I have been trying since August, and it's just not working. I've tried in the past and had two m/c, from someone other than my new hubby. I'm terrified I'm not fertile, and I seem to find myself crying and distraught every time AF comes to town. Today I got a pos OPK and my husband and I did the baby dance.. We're going to do that a few more times this cycle, and I just am trying so hard to not be anxious about testing in a couple weeks. Any advice or kind words would be greatly appreciated.

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