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Agnus castus & pcos

I have PCOS, full blown, every symptom in the book! I was diagnosed at 28.

Im 31 now & had my fertility tests to confirm we need help (my dh had sperm analysis done & is perfect) unfortunately my referral got rejected due to me being overweight, there is no compromise.

My cycles are iregular ranging from 50-100 days, I started taKing agnus castus 400mg x 4daily. I started onCd1 I have started AF today on Cd27! Which is now Cd1. I can't believe it is working. I am also taking vit b6 & folic acid with vit D. 

I am temping & using CB advanced digital ovulation sticks but this month was allover the place & no positive ovulation. I'm hoping next month will be positive! 

Baby dust to all 


  • hi i have PCOS i have no cysts but undeveloped eggs. i am also overweight which i am trying to sort by changing my diet and attending the gym, i think i am looking slimmer, im trying to relax more and all otheer things as well! so i thought id give agnus castus ago after reading about its benefits working with pcos on this site! last year i had no periods for over a year and finally went to see the dr! who informed me of my pcos! i did have periods in july sept and oct of last year and then they stopped again! so how should i take my agnus castus.... i am literally tryign everything so all advice greatfully recieved my husband and i have been trying for over a year but obviously no period no getting pregnant!

  • Hi Loutro i take 400mg tablets, 2 in the morning & 2 in the evening. I ovulated 2 days ago!!!! After being told I can't/don't ovulate it finally happened!! Now just Need to wait a couple of weeks!!  

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