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Scared chlamydia could have made me infertile


Please can someone offer me advice or support, I'm literally going out of my mind with worry...

I have just been told I have Chlamydia. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years, neither of us has cheated and I'm the only person he has slept with without a condom so I know it was either from my ex of 5 and a half years (he told me he hadn't got anything when we started going out and he was pretty disgusted at the thought of having one) or one of 3 guys I was seeing between boyfriends (which is probably most likely). I have never had symptoms that I'm aware of and neither has my bf which is why we never tested before. I'm petrified that I have had this for between 3 and 8 years. When I tried explaining to the nurse who gave me the tablets my fears that the Chlamydia could have developed into PID she didn't seem bothered and told me that if nothing happens after a year of trying go and get some tests. That would mean a further years worth of damage to my insides if i do have something. I'm literally making myself sick with worry that I have ruined my chances having children now and it's tearing me up that I could have cost my boyfriend, who is the nicest caring person in the world, the chance to be a dad. Every time I google it there has been horror stories and I just cant deal with it. I'm going to the doctors next Friday to try and insist they do tests but they probably wont until I've been ttc for a year.

Please can someone shed a ray of hope for me. I'm going to bits over this :(


  • Miss bear 

    dont beat yourself up about it please.. 

    When you start for children you will concieve!!

    your bf loves you for who you are.. And you seem like a lovely person 

    do you think your jumping the gun and looking at all the negatives? Why are  you not reading all the positive stories?? stop beating yourself up about it it's not healthy for you xx

  • Thanks for replying Closmith and being positive. Most of the stories iv read have been bad and it's scared the hell out of me. I know I could be worrying over nothing but I've just got an awful feeling about it. I'm going to get some tests so I know one way or the other. I have everything crossed and just hoping that it's all ok. I am a bit more positive now than when I posted. Thanks again xx

  • I am in the same boat as u .. Terrified I only had it 3 months but had all the symptoms and maybe pid. I have had an ultrasound and everything was fine but I have my Hsg next month which looks at your tubes and am so scared .. The fact u have had no pain or anything is on Ur side and may not of done damage . I would go to your doctor and say how scared u are and ita going to drive u crazy and I would ask for a hsg to reassure u x

  • 9 years ago when I was 20 I contracted Chlamydia. It was from an ex-boyfriend, I believe I had it for 8 months before it was tested for and treated. I had nasty UTI symptoms but nothing worse than that. I'm not sure if it developed into PID (Dr never even mentioned the possibility, I found out about it on my own), or his next girlfriend after me overlapped and my delayed symptoms were actually not 'delayed' so much as new! 

    Now with new partner and starting our journey of TTC, but I'm understandably worried about the possibility of damage, and seriously fearing infertility. I'm distracted by this anxiety to the point of being a complete nightmare. I know there are tests and we can go down the IVF route- that's if my partner doesn't end up hating me for ruining his chances at fatherhood. He is a wonderful bloke and I think he would be kind, but would he resent me? I don't know... scary thoughts image

    The statistics are 'ok' (especially if you reverse them- so instead of focusing on 10% of women who have had PID become infertile, you focus on 90% who have had PID are still able to have children), the medical information isn't.  It tends to focus heavily on negatives so as to frighten people into protecting themselves more carefully. Not very helpful when it's already to late! 

    I'm so scared I'm obsessing. 


    I think this is a reassuring report. After one episode of chlamydia your infertility potential is only 4% higher than someone who has never had it. 

  • hey

    book in for an hsg it's really your onlyway of knowing .. I had my hsg 2 months ago and all was so clear .. I was so relieved after my experience and the test was a breeze I was so shocked how much it didn't hurt ! Chances are u will be fine sounds like u didn't have it for long. :) 

  • Hi Dancer56! Thanks for the advice- it's so true that the only real reassurance is medical evaluation. Not knowing is the worst thing.

    I have had a referral to a gynae for laproscopy as I also have suspected endometriosis (because I really need yet another thing wrong with my bits! I swear my womb is cursed!) Just waiting for the letter to come through with a date etc. I guess they will be able to report back any damage after that, even in the absence of Endometriosis. 

    I think all women have a period of fear about fertility (if they plan to one day have a family), even if they have no reason to think they will struggle. 

    May I ask you, Dancer, if you had a history of chlamydia or PID and how long you think you had it before treatment?  Sorry if that seems nosy.

    Ally x

  • Of course I don't mind :) I was search the net for weeks like a crazy women worrying about it so it's reassuring to have info off other people .. i was worried since I had the infection at 17 I literally caught it rhe first time I slept with someone was young and naive ! Thought he was a virgin too! I only had it for like 4 months max but I had it bad had lots of symptoms like bleeding for weeks feeling ill and pain.. I also had suspected pid.. I literally thought ever since I was 17 they were blocked but turns out there not was so shocked to be honest coz I had all the symptoms .. I think you will be fine and good that you got yours booked .. Aw bet tou are worried about endo but so many people have it and there's ways of treating it xx

  • I had a history of both sorry don't know if I made it clear on my last post- had it for like 4 months I think xx

  • Thanks for the feedback.  Did you just have the standard dose for chlamydia or more intensive antibiotic treatment? Those are my last questions I promise! It's so helpful hearing from others, I sometimes feel doctors lack a bit of the human touch when it comes to such concerns. Its fair enough really. They treat conditions not concerns!  

    Thanks again for divulging!

  • No worries know how u feel totally ! I was on 2 different Antibiotics for 2 weeks can't rem what they were poss one was doxycycline? They were strong ones tho.. What ones did u have did u have any symptoms? I think u will be ok when I used to ask they used to say its if u have the infection a long time or keep getting it .. Yeh doctors aren't sympathic at all! How long u been trying for? ur periods regular ? Had all the tests done and I'm fine it's my partner has a slight issue 😔.. We been trying for a year now .. Was getting so obsessed with it , every month was just so awful getting a period ! X

  • i wouldn't worry :) the doctor said to me women's problems they can by pass alot and there's so much they can do to help .. It's worse if there's a prob with the man he said .. Xx

  • That's definitely reassuring what your doctor said. 

    I just had azithromycin- one large dose as standard I think. I did have symptoms but they were UTI symptoms and Dr didn't even mention the possibility of PID. Id already had antibiotics for a UTI which had got rid of those symptoms. It was some strange instinct that prompted me to do a chlamydia test. Thank God i did eh? As for PID, I had never heard of it until recently, so it's a bit late to even know if that's what it had developed into. Although I was fully screened and they found no other infections so perhaps I got the precise med I needed even if it had progressed? I don't know...

    I sound like a right goon now, but this is our first month and im just starting to track my cycles etc after coming off the pill. The reason I'm so quick to worry is because iv had some odd health problems recently and am being passed back and forth between specialists. At one point they suspected colon cancer which was scary.It made me start thinking about my health history, looking for clues as to what the heck might be wrong with me. Has been a really horrible few months of feeling sick with self pity and regret about my life! I'm just freaking out to be honest.  

    Right now I have what feels like a lump under my bellybutton that hurts, constant need to wee, strange twinges in my pelvis every now and then... I know I don't have an STI right now as I've been checked (after my first incident iv been much more vigilant) really recently- my poor partner of 4 years went with me telling me I was being a numpty! All clear. But of course, I'm paranoid.  I don't even know if my symptoms are in my head.... Urgh! So frustrating and pathetic of me! 

    You have been a fantastic counseller Dancer! Haha! 

    Have you had tests and what not done yet with your fella? They say that it can take over a year so you may just be one of the unlucky couples who end up conceiving at the back end of the estimated time? 

    Ally x

  • How did you find your hsg 

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