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Viral infection or pregnant?

Myself and oh have been ttc for 8 + years and no luck. We have had all the usual tests and from these discovered that i have PCOS although i am still ovulating as normal and my oh has a low sperm count. My oh began taking wellman conception one and a half months ago, my last period was 2nd january for the last two weeks especially the last i have felt so ill i ended up crying in my doctors i feel sick tired generally fluey sweaty headaches etc my doctor noticed the dates when i was there and suggested as i am late that i may be pregnant i explained our situation and the fact that i am irregular with my periods but she still advised i take a test. I know i should test but i have been later before and ended up disapointed when af does show, has anyone been in a similar situations to me with a positive ending maybe im clutching at straws


  • do a test not expecting to see anything but just to rule it out so you can get the right treatment for whatever is wrong.  Sounds like the flu to me but I wouldn't want to take medication until I had ruled out pregnancy.  

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