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1 last shot trying naturally before ivf

Been trying to convince over 2 year and doctor has no explanation as I'm young (22) I've been told I'm infertile and my body could be rejecting the sperm doctor said ivf is our last option si we agreed as she got the forms out she realised I need to be 23 to go ahead also need to put  a stone on .. now after this maby because I'm underweight I believe could possibly be the problem doctors  gave me shakes to put weigh on as I have to anyway for ivf so I got a year till I'm 23 I'm trying everything to concive naturally currently doing acupuncture also hoping this will work ... finding it hard every time I get my period as feel so dissapointed and useless I only told my friend and my mum about our situation but maby I should open up more and let people know that way I'm not keeping it all locked in especially when people say when u going to have kids ect ... if u opened up did this help u .?? Also would love to hear if acupuncture helped you .


  • Just want to say good luck with your ttc journey xx

  • Hey SianyLouise,

    Good luck with everything.

    They say that nuts and oily fish are good for female fertility, they have lots of natural fats in them. I know that I started eating more nuts and put on some weight, (I wasn't aiming to) so I don't know if that would help you?

    I used to tell nobody about our fertility journey and it consumed me, now that I talk about it with pretty much anyone, I feel like it has less power over me.

    All the best x

    Ps I know it's really hard to be patient, I'm I'm the UK and people always say to me"you're still so young you have nothing to fear, there's loads of time for a baby" and I'm 8 years older than you ;) when you have your heart set on something it's not much of a consolation, but at least you have plenty of time to invest in the right options.

  • hi

    whatever it is, i hope it'll help

    try everything suggested and recommended 

    using ivf is a common thing now, so don't be afraid

    i hope you have already seen your BFP


  • Hello SianyLouise

    oh dear angel it's so not fare when women who want to have kids face the problem of infertility, I will not tell you to relax and just keep trying because I know it may be one of the worst advises. What I want to tell is do not give up.

    I read some time ago about acupuncture and heard many positive comments, I think any methods are good when you are fighting for your baby so why not to try? Also healthy diet is very important not only for you but for your partner too.

    As to me I would talk to someone about it but it's me you are different person. I couldn't keep it inside. Have a good think may be if you share your troubles people will understand you better

    I wish all the best 

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