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Low egg reserve


I'm new to this, I'm 46 re married and have three children to previous marriage. My new husband and I been trying for 18 months now, I've had tests and I have low amh 0.04 ml low egg reserve. My periods are irregular some months mostly 28 days some 21-25 days and some months spotting starts a week after my period sometimes on and off and sometimes continues until next period, some months no spotting. I eat healthy, and I've been taking fertility multi vitamin, cod liver oil 1000mg, ubiniol cq10 200 mg X 3 a day, Royal jelly 500mg X 3 a day , bee pollen just started X 3 a day, maca extra organic strength, vitamin C 1000mg, and iron tablets off the doctor 210mg X 3 a day as iron is low.. I also was told at few blood work my progestrone has dropped. Is any one got pregnant with positive results. I've just bought today Angus castus as to try and help regulate periods. As I was on shatavari and it was ok for a while and then periods started irregular again. Has anyone taken anything other than what Im taken or something different, I need help as I'm really wanting Baby before it get to late xx


  • I've also just started having reflexology as I was told it may help with unblocking and reactivating organs and blood flow etc xx

  • Hi, I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties. I can't help much with personal experiences, but you might find tons of  recommendations on fertilityfriends com Hope this helps. All the best with yr journey

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