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I'm new. Please help!

Hi ladies, I'm new to this so bare with me on the lingo. 

I got my first positive opk on Tuesday. Been feeling a bit frisky lately so dtd on Sunday (27th) and Monday (28th) not knowing I'm pre o (I'm really irregular as last month my cycle was 38days) and received my first positive opk on Tuesday. We dtd on Tuesday (29th) evening and again on wed (30th) after another positive opk. Opk went back to faint on Thursday. Planned to dtd before my night shift on Thursday to try and boost my chances a bit more but hubby phoned and said he was running late at work so I didn't see him before I left. Any ideas if this will be enough to get that bfp? 

I have pcos, endometriosis and recently been diagnosed and started medication for an overactive thyroid following tests after 3 mc and over 4 yrs of ttc#1. I also only have 1 overy .


  • Doctors usually recommend having sex every other day, sounds like you did plenty anyway.  Good luck 

  • hey dear, sorry to hear about your failures.. I know how do you feel.

    My only option is surrogacy, have you ever thought about it?

    I think sometimes our bodies just refuse to do what they have to. May be you need to give some rest to your body before start trying again.

    I wish you all the best 

  • hi heLLmany7 have you had your surrogacy program already or you are just considering this as an option??

    Sorry for asking but i’m really interested to talk to someone who have been through the same as I did.

    I knew for all my life that surrogacy will be my only option to become mother so I think I was kind of ready to do it. But there are many women who are scared and stressed about it. I just want to tell about my experience and may be someone will find it useful. 

  • Hi, sorry for you, sweetheart. you know, life is the darkest before the dawn. i'm sure you'll find a way. your health condition make conceiving even more complicated. i hope you will get proper treatment and then conceive naturally. even if not, there's always an alternative of surrogacy or using a donor egg. i know what i'm taking about. it was my only option. despite all the troubles, i have a healthy baby boy who is almost 1 yr old now. happiness of mothering is above everything else.

    so, think positively and don't give up. 

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