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hoping on clomid!!TELL ME YOU STORIES!! :)

hellooo ladies,

i started clomid yesterday and i'm hoping THAT IT WILL WORK FOR ME TOO!



  • Hi 

    i have been trying to conceive for the past 3 years, was prescribed metformin and clomid last year, got preg in the 2nd Month of 50mg clomid, has MMC at 9 i had been on Clomid 50mg -1st month, didnt ovulate , hope i will next cycle..

    i am very disappointed and felling down...

    good luck to everyone!! I know how it feels when you desperately trying to get preg

  • good luck for your next cycle

  • Hey this was my first month of clomid i tooked 100mg from cd1-5 and i did ovulate!now im 10 dpo and i tested and i think im seeing a faint line..i had edit it a little so it cam be seen more the picture image what do you think ladies?? And ramo goodluck with your next cycle..stay positive!clomid can make miracles :) lots of baby dust for all xxxx

  • Fingers crossed 

  • Thank you Meme :)

  • Thank you Christy!! Baby dust for you too!!

  • Here is another test of this morning at 11 dpoimage what do you think?

  • Hey ladies i went to buy a first response but i havent found so i bought early predictor instead and here's the picture image

  • Another picture without editing imageimage 

  • I see something on that without editing 

  • I hope its a positive!!it has pink in itimage

  • If you have done before missing your period, they look light pink.

    one of my friends did the same ,she done the test way before missing her period and was light , and she was pregnant !!

  • Heyy ramo thanksss alot because right now im feeling crazy!!today was 11 dpo so my period is suppose to come in another 3 days!im ao anxious now!!

  • Hey christy any good news ?

  • Hey ramo sorry for my late reply..i havent had any good news :( my period arrived a few days later :( i dont know how i saw that faint line and i was not pregnant :/ i was so sad

  • Maybe it was a chemical pregnancy christy

  • Sorry to hear that!! Heads up!! Xx

  • Yes now im in a new cycle anf im already 2 dpo..we will see this cycle !goodluck girls xx

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