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Lap results and next step advice

hi everyone 

I just had my lap, dye and everything else poss done(i told them to do everything while i was under) :) anyway they said my tubes were clear Which I knew from previous dye, anyway I don't see my fertility doc Till august to discuss the results. Anyway the surgeon told me they found severe endo and scarring which they said are unable to treat for infertility, which I had a feeling i had something bad due to painful periods. Anyway i wanted some advice before i get fobbed of by my doc which she keeps doing. so it seems the endo is what is causing my infertility and so does this mean I should now be eligible to go onto IVF as I have done all the test she asked me to, i have been googling and sounds like next step. Can anyone give me there experience and what I can tell me doctor

thanks ladies 

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