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IUD worry

Hello everyone,

First of all, I am not trying to get pregnant and probably won't in the next couple of years.

I had an IUD fitted one year ago, and I was worried that I might have had an infection because of unusual discharge, but my worries were dismissed by the doctor, even though they didn't even check me... image In retrospect I was stupid and naive and maybe didn't want to believe that I might have had an infection, and dismissed my very mild symptoms (even though some days my discharge had a funky smell, it wasn't there always and my partner said he didn't notice anything different, so I though it is probably unrelated and not a symptom since it wasn't consistently there, so I blamed it on sweat or normal changes in the cycle).

About six months later I was checked by a different doctor who scared the fuck out of me. He was beyond himself as to why a nulliparous woman would have the IUD, and went on to lecture me regarding all the complications and dangers associated with pelvic inflammatory disease. All I could hear was ''you've damaged yourself forever and you will never have kids because of your stupid decision and because you weren't vigilant enough and ignored any potential symptoms''.

I didn't have an active infection when he checked me but I am worried sick that I might have had an infection that went away on it's own. I've read that PID can indeed go away without treatment, and that also symptoms can be very mild or non-existent but still cause extensive damage.

I know that I won't know till I try to get pregnant, but I just wish someone could check me and let me know with as much certainty as possible that there is not evidence that an infection took place, or that there is not visible damage in my baby-making bits.

The non knowing is killing me, and the fact that I will have to wait a few years till I get the chance to find out whether I can have kids or not is unbearable.

Everything reminds me of it and even though I absolutely adore kids I've started to avoid them because they remind me of my possible infertility.

Is there anyone who has had similar experiences, whether they resulted in a kid or not?

Thank you for listening...

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