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Conceiving naturally with PCOS

Hello image

I'm just wondering if anyone has managed to conceive naturally with PCOS? Any supplements, tips, advice that you have would be appreciated!

I've ttc some years ago for two years with the help of chlomid and metformin. I have 'undiagnosed infertility' (so basically they can't pin point what it is as my pcos isnt that severe in regards to cysts) Absolutely hated the side effects of the meds and home life changed so things came to an end just as I was being referred for IVF (Decided it was not the right decision at the time and pleased I made that choice now!) 

Anyhoo years later (in another happier life, lol)...after nine months of nothing happening this time around im ready to put my all in by doing everything I possibly can to conceive naturally...if not il be going back to the fertility specialist in the new year for some assistance! (Again!)

any help would be very much appreciated!!! 


  • I have Pcos and conceived my son naturally with a little help with Inositol! 

    Google you get loads of sucess stories from it!

    I had unprotected sex for 3 years with no sign of a pregnancy within 2 months of trying 3 times (Two late miscarriages) I had my son! 

    Good luck! 

  • Thanks for your reply! i thought that sounded familiar...I just checked my notes and id put it down to buy with a load of other bits in January! I'm going to be really miffed at myself if its sat in a drawer at home amongst tubs of other stuff!!

    Thanks for your help il either be digging it out or off to buy some as i must have intended at some point *head in hands* 

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