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Can it be PCOS??

Hello new here. Just come back from the GP who told me my blood test has come back abnormal and indicates PCOS. I wasn't expecting this diagnosis because I'm 30, slim and past fertility tests have shown no problem and my endocrinologist for hypothyroid did not mention this abnormal result to me when I saw her on Wednesday - this blood test result came back on the Monday!

I now have to have an ultrasound scan on my tummy but have no idea when this is. I'm in shock. I am aware of feeling lumps in my lower tummy (not sure if this is related to PCOS), pain in the same area of my tummy, more hair growing on my face and more spots on my face but testosterone was normal, how can this be?

I'm extremely nervous about this whole thing and don't know what to think or do.


  • That is so strange, I heared that pcos causes testosterone increase, hope for the best. Even if it's pcos dont worry, nowdays there is a lot of ways to have kids and live full life even with such diseases. Though i still hope that it's just some silly illness that can be easely cured. Fingers crossed fot you sis! xx

  • imageGirls what do you think?  

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