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I need of a friend

Iv been trying to conceive for what seems like forever. I need someone to talk to who understands. I may sound odd but nobody I know is in the same boat as me there all pregnant or just had a baby xx


  • Hi Lelle,

    I completely understand where you're coming from, TTC & having difficulties can be a very lonely place, especially when people all around you seem to have no trouble.

    DH & I have been TTC for 2 1/2 years with no success. Like you all my friends either have children already or conceive easily.

    you are not alone & if you need someone to talk to don't hesitate to PM me, Plus all the ladies here are great & full of sound advice! 


  • I know exactly how you're feeling. Been ttc for just over two years, I'm 31 and have mild endometriosis that has recently been removed. Other than that, there's nothing wrong with us but still no baby. Bern referred for IVF but I keep putting it off as I'm terrified it won't work. It's heartbreaking.  All my friends are mums, I cry myself to sleep at night and feel so empty inside. 

    If you want to talk you have a friend here. Just reply or pm me I don't mind x

  • Bear don't cry urself to sleep. All that stress won't help hun xxx if uve been offered Ivf especially on the NHS then u go for it. Yes it may not work  but if u don't try u will never know and u may just be pleasantly surprised. I always feel each month of trying and not falling is no different. It will happen when it's meant to happen. But the key here is to relax xxx especially if there's nothing wrong. If there's nothing wrong with either of u it WILL  happen for u. But I can't stress enough the importance of relaxing. Have a bottle if wine get on with ur life as normal and boom itv will happen. In fact book a holiday for summer then it defo WILL happen cos uve booked it  Lol xxxx 

  • I agree with Susiegirlygirl. I had a hard time  trying for  nearly two years. In the end I had my tubes checked and it must have given them a good clean out as I got pregnant soon after. But also it definitely helped when I was told that all the checks were fine and I think I relaxed a bit. Good luck and stay positive x 

  • Hi 

    i know exactly how you feel. We've been trying for 18months now and I don't think it will ever happen for us. My sister and both sister in laws have all had babies in the time we've been trying, as well as loads of our friends. 

    I had an appointment at the hospital last month and they've said come back when my bmi is lower and won't refer me for any more tests or treatment until then. Losing the 5 stone needed before I can go back is pretty daunting and I just don't see it ever happening for us anymore. 

    All anyone ever says is just to relax and then tells me a story about someone they know who conceived after x years as soon as they stopped trying. I know it makes people uncomfortable to talk about and they are only trying to help but i can't say it makes me feel better. 

    It's nice to know there are people on here going through similar and who understand the craziness :) 

  • I got married at 21 and started TTC with husband 2 years later. A visit to the Doctor confirmed I have PCOS although at the time no cysts found, just the hormonal imbalance.

    I am now approach g 10 years married and have had no children.

    As much as we haven't actively been TTC, we haven'tbeen avoiding it either. Absolutely no protection used in all these years.

    This year however, we are making it our mission and doing everything possible!

    I just bought a MOOMCUP as heard it helps keep sperm up there longer at night while you sleep. Worth a shot I say :)

    As much a 

  • Yikes ignore the randomness at the end there, meant to delete :)

  • This is the first time I've ever written anything on these threads but have read them all endlessly.  We have been trying for nearly 2 years & last week were told that all my tests have come back fine (I have been convinced it was me) but my partner has low sperm count plus the ones that are there aren't good enough, we were told our best hope would be IVF but we would have to fund it ourselves because my partner already has one son, (how did that happen then???!!!!) we don't have nor are we ever likely to have that kind of money so the likelihood is, I'll never get to be a real mummy and the hardest part is my partner doesn't understand my pain, not really, because he is already a daddy without me. 

    I am actively avoiding Facebook as every time I go on there there is a new scan picture or new baby to see & I can't handle it anymore.  I work in an industry where I see women all the time & there is always a pregnancy or a baby to talk about, I've even been told don't leave it too long!! (I'm 31 this year!!) thanks, helpful!!!! Relax & it will happen, by my friends, really, will it!!!! I can't help but hate them all!!!!!! We have friends coming on Monday & she is 5 months pregnant with their second daughter & I am dreading it! I don't know how I'm going to handle it, I'll have to congratulate them & I know it'll be talked about but I dont know if I'll be able to hide the resentment, anger & sadness it's  going to bring with it!! 

    on a new wave of dispair now, any help to get through this much needed!!!! X

  • Hey, hope all these lovely ladies stories give you some comfort that you are not alone image

    I have been TTC with my husband from the age of 23, so 8 years.

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS but got mixed information from Dr's many years back. They checked and advised I didn't have cysts as such just the hormonal imbalance.

    However a month later a cysts ruptured on my right ovary. I had never felt pain like it.

    This year and last has seen a major baby boom in my life circles, both with friends, family and colleagues all having babies.

    It's tough as I know I'm only getting older and feel like my body clock is ticking away ... but I'm not giving up, chin up and all the best!

  • Hi me too. Really thought this would be the month. devestated again and can't carry on feeling like this month after month. Also angry as my partner seems completely unconcerned or upset 😢

  • Hi. Just came across this old thread and wondered if any of you managed to conceive yet?x

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