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Hey bit of a long one...

My partner and I have  been ttc for about three years now to no avail, I have pcos and have a period about once or twice a year max , I'm not over weight and don't have any other issues , I've had a hsg and a hysteroscopy all clear, I've been given clomid but can't take it as I haven't  had a period and they can't induce one as my lining isn't thick enough just wondered if anyone has has a similar situation and could advise on what the next step might be? 


  • I have PCOS so very irregular periods. I started using natural progesterone cream twice a day in January as a natural aid and my period came 1 week later. You stop using it when your period starts.

    I start using it again from day 12 of cycle (period start is day 1) and use for 14 days. Sometimes my period comes early so I stop cream whenever it does and recalculate from there.

    No periods are now every month even if light or vary in length :)

  • I should have said, I am on my first round of Clomid day 2-7.

    I took progesterone cream for my period before starting clomid on this cycle.

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