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Chlamyida 4-10 years Scared

I was recently diagnosed with Chlamidya...I was in complete shock since I have been with two men in the last ten year. Long term bfs. I have been with my current bf for 4 years, and we have not cheated. (1000% sure). I almost wish he would tell me he cheated a month ago so I would know it's only been a month ive had it! But I am sure it's  been either 4 or 10 years. Absolutely NO symptoms at ALL. I've been treated and so has the bf, but now I am horrified that I have PID and my tubes are scarred. I have some pelvic pain, and I have had 3 doctors tell me that they don't think i have pid at all. But I can't get it out of my head! They must be wrong! i need to hear a good story! Has ANYONE EVER had chlamyida for years and got pregnant?? Does it ALWAYS turn to pelvic inflam disease? Any successful stories?? I'm just a mess:(


  • I'm sorry no one has replied to you yet- even just to wish you well! 

    I can't offer you much reassurance I'm afraid as I'm in a similar boat- my infection was for 9 months but I think it progressed to PID as I had burning wee and terrible back pain before treatment. Symptoms weren't diagnosed as PID but as kidney infection because I didn't realise I'd got an STI right away. I was in a 'stable' relationship and we had both been tested early on. Turns out he was putting it about and even had a 2nd girlfriend. But there we go. 

    So I appreciate appreciated share your concerns about fertility.

    Iv been ttc 10 months.  And have done lots of research and asked on other sites for experiences. None have had chlamydia for as long as 5 years but there have been lots of success stories that really help mental positivity. 

    If I were you I would be asking for tests asap as 10 years is a very long time. 

    Wishing you well xxx

  • Thanks for the reply! UPDATE: I had a transvaginal ultrasound done, a bunch of urine and blood tests and also a pelvic exam done and everything looks totally okay. Took months to get all the tests done! No inflammation or fluid found in my tubes. I'm very relieved. My pain has also disappeared pretty much. Maybe I was just freaking out giving myself symptoms? I tend to panic if anything involves my fertility. My  family doctor was very reasurring and understanding. He told me he has seen long cases of chlamyida and it doesn't turn into PID always. Don't always listen to google lol I would like to start TTC in a year or so so we will see! 

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