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chronic pain while ttc

i decided to start a new thread because i know a lot of us going through chronic pain are scared to ask questions and be judged. so here i go, ive been diagnosed with a rare chronic pain disease, and theres nothing i can do about it but accept it, i take morphine on a lower dosage since i started to try to to conceive 4 years ago. even though you might feel inadequate to try to get pregnant because you take so much strong meds already, do not worry, you can be a mother too. i have my doctor and the fertility doctors by my side, i asked first my doctor what meds would be safe for a pregnancy, and sometimes they just change your strong meds to a similar drug by checking the side effects in their professional books(not on google). doctor told me as soon as i was pregnant i have to tell him to start lowering my meds in the third trimester, because it can cause problems in that trimester. the only thing to consider is that you wont be able to breastfeed afterwards. because like me youll start your regular meds as soon as you gave birth. but bottles are as good, so no worries.

i just thought if some of you out there struggling to know if you should or not. well you can, dont let the fear of judgement define if you should. ask your doctors, and feel free to be a mother too, you deserve it. baby dust to youxx

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