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been trying since I was 22 :(

I am so depressed and worried about my fertility issue atm. I have made an appointment but not seeing him until 26th. I feel so defeated and tired. I am in my early 20's and had a baby already a few years ago. trying for a second 1 has proven to be so difficult I cant believe it. I really thought because of my age I would be fine. I've had cysts in my ovaries when I was 14. Many people in my family have had fibroids and PCOS . I am worried if I'll be laughed out by the doctors and not get help. 

Any one who has been trying  and have any advice ?


  • Hello,

    I saw your post and I had to reply. Being diagnosed with PCOS and some of the other issues you have mentioned can sound like a death sentence...but its not. There are still a sea of things that you can try out which can lead to a successful pregnancy. With such a history, it could be advisable to find a good OB who can advise you on the steps to undertake to raise the chances of getting pregnant and keeping it to the end. How are you doing now?

  • Hi, 

    I saw your post and I have not yet been diagnosed but we have been trying for over a year now and nothing (for no.1). I went to the doctors today and I opened up to her about all my worries and she was so understanding and sent me for further tests.

    You won't be laughed at, you should open up to them and they will try help. I felt the same and was worried she wouldn't take me seriously, but she could not have been nicer. I recommend seeing a doctor and go from there :) 

    I wish you lots of luck x 

  • Thankyou for the replies ladies I really really appreciate it xx

    I have had my blood tests and they came back normal which was a relief but gave me more questions? I have a doctor's appointment later in september another long wait.

    This has been 4 cycles and still nothing :( I hope that the doctors maybe give me something to help with conception. I have had tried the prenatal vitamins with extra folic acid and my partner is doing his zinc. Are there any over the counter or vitamins that anyone has tried???

  • Vitamins and tablets won't help you to conceive they will just make sure your body is ready to support a pregnancy. Wish there was a magic pill though!!!

    also, 4 cycles is nothing.... it's a year on average for couples to fall. for me it was 15 months and now I am 14 months post miscarriage and still nothing. 

    Just the luck of the draw am afraid Hun 

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  • vitamines help to support the pregnancy. Have you conceived in the meantime? I think there might be a solveable problem in hand. You should do some detailed testing, since you had first child. In my personal opinion, I don´t think you have problem with fertility. I can only guess what the problem is. That is why I think you should have a detailed checkup of your body. Not only the gyno. That is what I think at least.

  • Hello there. I am so sorry for what you are going through. No one is suppose to laugh at you for your fertility issues. Nobody ever wished to be facing any health problems. I am also so sorry for your family history. Fibroids has proven to be one of the leading causes of infertility. I am relived that you already have a child. Many people who undergo similar situations do not even have one child to show off. It seems the search for your second child is the issue here. If you have identified the problem then solve it. What is the real problem for lack of a second child? is it the fibroids or PCOS? Go and see a professional to give you detailed information. I hope you will be helped and find strength to move on. I also believe if you had your first child with no problems then this should not worry you. A child will come along just be patient.

  • Hey there, how are you doing now? I've got some non-meds advice for you 😉 I've read a lot of stories while browsing the internet for my answers, and a lot of ladies advise to start gluten and dairy free diets while TTC. Also, many go to special yoga that improves fertility. Some even use acupuncture, but I believe that it can only relax you, not increase your fertility. Healthy way of life is also important.

    As for your concerns about not being taken seriously because of your age, such things do happen, unfortunately... Some docs can just tell you to relax and it'll happen when the time comes. In such cases you should change the doc and find someone who will take your complaint seriously. TTC for 1,5-2 years with no results is a problem regardless of your age. Yes, you are lucky to have a child, but failing to conceive a second one needs to be investigated.

    Also, please remember that there are many ways to become a parent. If you fail to do it naturally, medicine will help you out. So never give up and have a high spirit! 

    I hope that your fertility specialist will help you and we will hear great news from you soon! Good luck! 

  • hey there! this message is for all women going through a similar struggle.Although most of this sounds scary it's really not. If you are dealing with PCOS there are some amazing medications out there, try metformin it works most of the times(after consulting it from your doctor of course). Try to get your diet in order. IVF is always a good thing to go for, try to get a recommendation for that.Do not panic it will all be fine. Good luck love and please do an update.

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  • Hi, really don't know how one can relax dealing with the issues. I'd say it's more staying calm than relax. Doing things in haste won't bring results. We, for ex., tried IUIs - got BFNs and now I think it's far more logically, because later they found out my eggs were poor quality to use with treatments. Every case should be studied carefully with the specialist. And here it's vitaly important to find the right place and people you can trust to. Not those clinics which want loom your money raising your hopes ad telling another round wll be successful. But those who will be honest to you and say 'you need donor eggs for ivf' straight into your eyes. (This is the episode from our journey). Never let yourself give up. There are so many options today. No trying  - no results.Keep strong and keep on moving. Wish you and everyone here all the best of luck!

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