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6 days after my period ended im spotting


I suffer from pcos for 7 years ttc 6 years, a couple of miscarriages...

My period ended on cucle day 52 which is pretty normal for me but 6 days later im having a pink/brown spotting not on my knickers but when i wipe its on the tissue.

Cold symptoms, cramps, itchy nipples, headaches could this be implantation bleeding or is it to early its hard to know if or when i ovulate but i havnt had sexual intercourse for the last 5 days could my period be a sign of pregnancy? Ive bleed during a pregnancy before and carried her for another 10 weeks. Sorry if this is long winded im hoping theres ladies out there who can help me 


  • Hi Sufferer,

    I can only think of it as bleeding in between cycles. Ovulation...  Too early, so no.  Pregnancy...  Not sure, let's assume ovulated 12-16day before AF,  plus 4-5days for AF and so wrote 6 days past AF so add another 2 days..  Is seems too long really. And we have no certainty you have ovulated at all due to pcos aaaaand 52days long cycles are really long...  So you are not taking any meds to help it bring earlier to about 28day (unless I'm wrong??)  

    So,  it might be something related to the shedding for uterus, apparently if you AF is very dark and got cloths in it...  It might be a uterus problem with the lining and blood. So maybe there was something left over and it took another week to come down. (was it first time? The bleed inter cycle?)  If it is too bright red it's also some kinda problem. If the bleeding is just about right,  you know mixed colours but noting weird at all the it is good. 

    If it's all good...  Then I guess it might be related to some cervix problem?? Try to think it over.  Consult a good gynaecologist if you have not already and hope for the best.  Maybe due to pcos it is nothing to worry.  But counting in you miscarriages (I'm sorry about it :(... ) it might be something.  I hope you do also your cervical screening?  (the old smear test)  best luck X 

  • You need to count your cycle from the day your period started not when it ended.... it could be ovulation spotting if you have ovulated earlier this month. 

  • @Butterfly, I thought so too,  about ovu.  Well maybe this month she will have 28day cycle since the AF started and ovu was about day 12...  So that spotting might have been a ovulation bleeding and AF will start in about 12-16days...  ((So keep it in mind @Sufferer you might come on much earlier now.))

     But she is having 52day cycles,  that is why I said it would be too early in her cycle now to ovulate.  

    ...Who knows...  

  • I don't know anymore.  Got confused now about "my period ended on cd52" and 6days later...  So no idea now...  When AF started?  And when exactly was the spotting in between.  My understanding was she got 52day cycles, long,  but regular 52day cycles. Got AF then, probably lasted 4-5 days.. Then +6days (cd10-cd11)... So there is no chance she got ovu at 12-14dpo and still got 52days cycles.... I give up LOL

  • Hey thanks for all the comments

    What i thought was my period lasted 6 days, my last pregnancy i had ny period until i was 7 weeks in.

    And i do count from when my period starts normally but i dont get  them often i had none for 4 years then twice in a year this is the closest ive ever had my periods together before so 52 days is pretty good for me.

    Also because i am classed as overweight the only med i take is metformin 1000mg a day i was put on provera to induce a period last year hoping it would make me regular but it didnt and they didnt attempt anything else.

    Im still getting terrible symptoms 

    Brown spotting, cramps, cold, sore nipples, dizziness and headaches im so confused 

  • What i thought was af started on the 17th ended on the 23rd if that's any help 

  • Then that might be the metformin and the high dose of it to cover the weight.  I have not used metformin but have used provera and some other one a year later and they both have induced my periods. The first time it did work only for the months I have been taking it. Then it went on and off like it wanted. The second time I took it only for one month to induce it as it was early 50days gone...  And then started taking something very similar to INOFOLIC( which was recommended to me by fertility "doctor") which in UK you can only get online on eBay or Amazon....  Funny right?! I guess it is just limited to take as it is EU produce...  No idea. But it works apparently.  I bought mine (Miositogyn) elsewhere at the chemist after consulting a trusted doctor. You might need to consult a good doctor about starting med with Inosytol or inositol. Help loosing weigh, regulate cycle with no proverb or the other ones.  Maybe your body is not responding to one med but will to another in very similar substance. 

    Yes they do want the people affected by some kind of infertility to loose weight, as it does matter too. But taking something that is not working is not a way out either.  I guess you have to consult it again. See what med is working what is not. 

    Not having period for 4 years...  I would have not wait longer than 6 months without the doctor. It's been going for that long. So it might take a while for the body to adjust to the dose of the meds. Life style matters too in pcos.  Some kinda sport activity would be good.  Even if it is a brief walk of 20min a day. Then gradually change it into something else you like. Gym,  swimming,  running... Etc. Also cutting sugars,  sweeteners, fats, meats (little bit of beef,  some lean pork, apparently rabbit and turkey (apparently because I don't eat them) is good too as they don't have the growth hormone added like chicken), limit soy to low, cut caffeine, energy drink, fast foods, processed foods. The best way to go about is gain the knowledge and see a good doctor/specialist. 

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