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Hormonal Imbalance :(

We've been trying for over a year now, and I went to the doctors a couple of months ago as was feeling light headed and having dizzy spells and she pushed it off and said it was a bug of some form. The dizzy spells then subsided but they still come and go, but I also have bad acne and I am in my adult ages that seems odd to me - I never used to get acne as a child. Also have had sudden weight gain on my hips & stomach which was never there before, I have increased my exercise and have changed my diet however I cannot seem to shift this extra weight that has come out of nowhere. 

My periods used be a sturdy 32 day cycle, but now they range from between 27-34 and they are now suddenly very painful and heavy. I also have headaches frequently, and I find myself struggling to sleep at night despite the fact I am exhausted. 

I looked all these symptoms up online (I know they say you shouldn't do that) but it came up with Estrogen Dominance. The symptoms sound the same as mine, and I am struggling with infertility. I just wondered if anybody else had gone through the same thing? Or if anybody could recommend what to do next? 

I'm scared to go back to GP and ask for blood tests etc and for them to just shove me off with some excuse. I am really scared about this causing issues for me to not have children, and I feel useless like I cannot do anything about it image 


  • hi rose, I had similar problems.

    I've been trying to conceive since I got married, 3 years ago, but without result. I first thought it was because of my husband, who is older than me. but the tests revealed it's because of me. I am infertile.

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis.

    when I was a child I never had acne, but since I turned 25, my face and shoulders became filled with acne. also, I had irregular cycles, of 30-40 days, highly painful. around the time I turned 25 the flow increased considerably. and I also struggle with fat deposits on my belly, even if I exercise and eat healthy. as for insomnia, I can't even remember when I slept the entire night, without waking up every 2-3 hours.

    I can't say you have endometriosis, but we have similar symptoms :(

  • Hi SuzeBB 

    Thank you for your reply. I've wanted to speak to somebody who's gone through the same thing for a long time so big thanks. 

    How did you get diagnosed? I'm not sure how to get my doctor to take me seriously. I am so so sorry about your diagnosis, I don't know much about endometriosis. Is there a chance you can have children still? 

    The weight on my belly has just come from nowhere. I never used to have it but it suddenly appeared and now won't go no matter what I do. 

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  • Went back to see Doctor today and she sent me for blood tests for hormones, etc! So will see what happens next.

  • Rose - just an fyi, the blood tests wont show if its endo. Only laparoscopy will 100% show that. Hopefully you will get some answers though from the blood tests xx

  • i got my results back which showed high levels of testosterone so Dr said that she thinks I have PCOS. I've to go back again this Friday for more tests on a certain cycle day, and then will go from there. 

    thank you bandaid for the heads up about the tests and endo. X

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