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Faint positive? Lacking hope or positivity

image hi everyone. This is my first post so I don't know all the lingo and abbreviations. I am in desperate need of opinions on this test. My last period was 35 days ago from the 1st day... 

I have just finished my first cycle of clomid and I'm about 20 days after ovulation now... I assumed the line would be darker by now if positive? I tested twice at around 10 days due to impatience MISTAKE and both were clearly negative.

I read this test straight away so no chance of an evaporation line. I don't know whether it's relevant that I have pcos and have never had anything like this result before. I'm trying to avoid the heartache of getting my hopes up but at the same time I guess it is still early so there could still be a chance? 

I will be testing either tomorrow or in a few days time again but curious of others opinions please


  • I'd say that was definatly a positive pregnancy test🎉 X

  • I hope you are right however I did do another this afternoon  and the second line was so so faint. I'm not sure... I can't cope with getting my hopes up so I think the best idea is to test again the end of the week x

  • I don't usually comment on test picture posts, cause you can so easily break someones heart by having line eyes and seeing a line that isn't there. But your test is a clear and definite positive! Test with your wee first thing in the morning - bet you it's even darker! Congratulations x

  • I nearly cried with happiness reading your reply. I do hope you are right. Should I not be concerned by it being mega faint this afternoon when I retested? Thank u in advance xx

  • First morning urine is so much more concentrated, you usually always get a darker line in the morn as a result - honestly, there are so many test pics all over this forum, go have a look and you'll see how dark your line is! Good luck for tomorrow's test, but i reckon you're safe! x

  • image

    Arh bless you,but that's definatly positive and you urine is weaker in the afternoon hence the fainter line x

    i thought I saw a line in mine but think it's an evap line tbfimage

  • image ok I took your advice and did another this morning.... 2 lines again!!!! (The really faint one is from later in the day yday) Off to the doctors at 9am to confirm. Everything crossed 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Congrats again - told you! x

  • Thank u! Doctor said my three tests are positive and she didn't feel the need to do another. She said it's exactly the same as she would have done anyway.... nervous few weeks now arghhh x

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