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High prolactin and no periods

I have been tcc for a year. I had my implant removed December 2016. Since then I have not had a single period. When it had been a few months I saw my gp and she did some blood tests. It found I have high prolactin levels of 2000!

I have seen a specialist and they did an MRi to look for a pituitary tumour which came back clear. Now they can't work out why I have raised prolactin. 

In the mean time I've carried on trying just in case I ovulate but to no avail. Feeling pretty down hearted today as I've had 3 friends have babies this month and more announce they are pregnant. I'm pleased for them but so damn jealous. 

Has anyone else out there had raised prolactin and managed to conceive some way or another?

Thanks :-)


  • Hi, 

    i wrnt through some time where my prolactin levels were up and down, they never discovered why.  Things worked out for me eventually I hope they do for you.  Have you had a full blood screen done to check for any other hormone imbalances? 

  • I have had my FSH and LH done and they were normal. Haven't had anything else. 

    Seeing a specialist endocrinologist in Jan about the prolactin again. Hoping for some answers. Need some periods or at least to ovulate! 

  • Finally someone in the same boat as me!

    I don't remember my last period and I have raised prolactin like yourself. 

    So far I have had my blood test 2 weeks ago and had a transvaginal ultrasound of uterus and overies last week.

    I feel like I have had no explanation for anything off my doctor and we are absolutely dying to have a baby! My other half is due to have a sperms test but I know the problem is definitely me.. 

  • Hi, only just come across this post so I hope that by this time you've had some success :) I was ttc for over a year and after alot of investigation from my gp it turns out I had high prolactin levels which stopped me ovulating. No reason for it at all just a dodgy pituitary gland! Just as I was about to go on medication for it I fell pregnant naturally! Unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage but thankfully feel pregnant again naturally very soon after (4 weeks to be precise!) with my little boy who's now 6 months. So it can happen but know it is difficult so please keep your chin up and I hope you have good news soon! 

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