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2WW on clomid

so I have survived my first month of Clomid -50mg....only cried about 70 times!!

i has a positive opk on cd14 and awful cramps cd 14 & 15.

i am now cd20 & am feeling PMS symptoms - AF cramps already, although I don’t usually get these until 4 days before AF and slightly sore boobs (however usually they are more sore than this).

we BD loads in my fertile window and have continued to BD every other day just incase.

feeling a bit down tonight and don’t feel pregnant at all & really  hoped this would work. any Clomid ladies out there have similar symptoms & then bfp?

my day 21 progesterone before Clomid was 31 (dr says that’s too low) so hoping for about 35 this month. Hopefully get results on Tues. 

Emily x

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