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Long term ttc just been referred for fertility investigations anyone else?

Hi I'm 35 been trying for 10 months but years ago was also trying for quite a while so my doctor has just referred me for the first lot of investigations,

is anyone else in the same boat? 


  • Hey, I am 23 and have been ttc for 18 months now. I have pcos and just going through the process of being referred! My oh has to do a sperm analysis in the next couple of weeks and once the results are back we will be going to the fertility clinic! It is such a long process so I know how you feel :( x

  • Hi i was also referred last year as me and my partner had been trying for 2 years. I had bloods done, my partner had his sperm tested. I also had a HSG which they pump dye through tubes to see if there are any blockages.            Everything came back fine which left me wondering even more why i wasn't conceiveing. Then surprisingly I became pregnant in August but ended in a mc.         My periods varied from 28 to 32 days and she said i could have pcos so she was going to put me on tablets to make sure i did ovulate every month. But thankfully i became pregnant again in November.      I know what you are going through just don't loose hope and good luck xx 

  • Hi! We started TTC 8 years ago. Actually it took us 2.3 years of unsuccessful trying to get referred to the specialists. Soon I was diagnosed on DOR. Dh's tests showed he was/is ok. Unfortunately our case turned to be more complicated within years. Our last ivf cycle results: ER - 4 follies and ONE egg! They placed back 1 healthy embie but it didn't survive - BFN. Currently going for plan B - egg donation ivf abroad. 

    Time frames always differ. The sooner issues are investigated the better. I really wish we could start the process earlier. Take care and good luck! 

  • Hello ladies, 

    Thank you for your replies, I'm having my 21 day bloods done on Monday and oh has his sperm analysis end of month so atleast things are moving but slowly! EmmaLoulou do you mind me asking how soon you fell pregnant after you had the hsg? And do you think that's what helped? And congratulations on your bfp:)

    Bexlois I think we are at exactly the same stage of testing, have you had your blood tests done yet? 

    Tuliptulip I'm so sorry your Ivf didn't take first time, my friend had similar with hers 4 rounds of Ivf with her own eggs never worked then she went to Spain and had an egg donor and got pregnant with twins straight away, it's really impressive the success rates of these clinics abroad isn't it, I know I'm jumping the gun as I'm really at the beginning but I have thought about the possibility of donor eggs if I can't use my own, was it a difficult decision for you? My friends twin girls are beautiful and you would never know they weren't biologically hers xx 

  • No I don't mind. I had the hsg in Jan/Feb i think and i fell pregnant in August so i can't really say if that helped.       Prior to this I'd been on the pill, i came off it and fell pregnant 6 months later had mc and that's when it took 2 years so conceive again. I honestly think the mc mest my body and my hormones that much.    I would say though i started going tothe gym and it made me feel better. So that could of helped me xx

  • Ahh I see thank you, so your tests came back normal. Were they reluctant to offer you fertility treatment as you had already been pregnant naturally or was it ok? When are you due? Xx 

  • Ye all the tests were normal.  My last appointment with the gynaecologist was November and she said i could go on Clomid to make sure i do ovulate every month but i said I'd wait a few months and see what happens. We wouldn't be offered ivf on the nhs has my partner already has 2 kids. I'm due September xx

  • Hey everyone, I’m 32 and have been ttc since Feb 2017. I have endometriosis and DH sperm analysis came back with motility  few percent under which the doctor said is an issu. Second batch is being tested tomorrow and then we’ll be referred to a fertility clinic. What tests are you all having? My local council stopped giving IVF so I think we’d have to go private if we needed to go down that path.

  • It’s good to see the advice about not delaying because it’s a long proces. We were delaying but I’ll get booked in and signed up!

  • Hiya bumblebee. Yes I've had all my blood tests done and my oh had his done today! Mines all come back now so once he's done his seamen sample we should have a consultation about treatment. How about you? Xx

  • Ribs86 and Emma loulou I have heard that Ivf is a postcode lottery and depends where you live what treatment you will be given which is awful, we haven't gone that far yet and am not sure which county we will be under as we are on the Wales/ England border but I'm already thinking about saving if we can't get it and it comes to that, I have read that the clinics abroad in Spain and Czech Republic are cheaper and have higher success rates so I would definitely consider that. Ribs86 I am roughly at the same stage as you, I have my 21 day bloods on Monday and hubby has semen analysis next week. emmaloulou after you had initial checks and referred to fertility clinic what was the next step for you and was there a long wait? Sorry for all the questions! 

    Bexlois same stage as you too, waiting for letter from the fertility clinic for an appointment I have no idea of waiting times though, also I have read that you can appeal Ivf refusal if your county doesn't offer it dont know how successful it would be though xx 

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