Unexplained infertility

Hi ladies,

   I have 30 to 35 days cycle and been ttc for 5years with no luck😢

I'd been referred to hospital b4 got all my tests done they were all positive, DH sperm count was good 2. Only didn't get HSG done because the specialist didn’t think I needed that😒

They just told us it's unexplained infertility no other help or advice was given. This was all about a year and half ago and we still have not manage to conceive. 

Anyone one else goin through the same struggle or has been through it please share yur story. Any advice what worked for u would b helpful😘


  • My friend had 'unexplained infertility' they could find nothing wrong with her at all, and she had allll the tests. She started having acupuncture, and fell pregnant a few months later and had her son. She started the acupuncture again and fell pregnant with her second boy. 

    Not saying acupuncture is the answer, but it did work for her. Good luck x

  • Hi Mrsg14 thank u so much for yur reply am goin to look into that glad it worked out for yur friend.

    Really hope some miracle happens soon. Heart breaking seeing BFNs year after year😭

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