Is this a fake bfp???


Someone help? 

I have been ttc for 3 years and am currently going to infirtility appointments, I broke up with a long term partner that a few months ago and have since started a new relationship, I came up in a full body rash and Call d out of hours as it was quite concearning, the doctor asked me if I could Ben pregnant and I said no as I just age been trying for years and nothing, later that night I decided to check as it was playing in my mind I bought Charlie's from a local store and 3 in a pack and mine came back with a PINK band straight away TWICE my cousin did the same test and nothing, the next day I took a clear blue and Tesco brand also some test strips and all came back negative except that ONE. brand, could I be pregnant or is it just dodgey pregnancy tests????


  • I think this could be early pregnancy! Test again, but with your first wee of the day as that's most concentrated. Good luck x 

  • I have tested again today with different brands and all negative fmu too. I just don't know what to think took a boots test today also negative :( x

  • How late is your period? I would try with a First Response test - also, i used those cheapie tests, and my lines looked similar to yours when i was pregnant and gradually got darker, so don't lose hope. 

  • Thanks I will get a first response just putting it off as I've spent so much on hpts already but going to see what tomorrow brings, as for period it's later than the last few months but can do that sometimes unreliable x

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