2nd round of Clomid. Cd33, BFN and no sign of AF

Hi Ladies

I'm new to this site and not sure how it works but was hoping for some advice. 

As the headline says, I'm on my 2nd round of Clomid (50mg 1st month and 100mg this month) due to pcos and 4 early miscarriages. Anyway according to the fertility clinic, I OV on cd17 with a big follicle. I'm now cd33 with no spotting and constant BFN's. I'm having a few symptoms: boobs have been tender for about 5 days now, slight cramping, wind and lower back pain but not sure if these are pregnancy related or signs of my period.

Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar position and had their BFP later in the cycle? Xx

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