Faint line on pregnancy test - please help?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this website but thought I’d ask this question here. 

I took a test yesterday and I see a very, very faint blue line but not sure if it’s just me as when I took a test at the beginning of last week/week before it had no faint line. 

I haven’t had a period since Oct 2017 but that’s down to PCOS.

Thanks in advance :-)

By the way, edited one photo in terms of the colour just to see if it made it any more obvious that there’s another line. imageimage



  • I see a line! Try a first response early response one they’re easier to read, much clearer! :)

  • I will do, thank you!xx

  • Can anyone else see the line? Don’t want to get my hopes up. Will be buying a first response test tomorrow. Thanks in advance xx

  • I see a line in the second picture. Congrats :) x

  • Thank you! Thought I was going insane and my mind was playing tricks on me because it’s something I’ve wanted so badly for a long time now. Trying not to get my hopes up just yet but going to buy a first response test tomorrow (fingers crossed). Thank you xx

  • Took a first response test today and it was negative. Gutted is not the word. How is it possible to get a false positive? 😢😭 First test I did was on Thurs morning. Thanks in advance xx

  • Any advice on the above? So gutted and can’t stop thinking about it 😢 xxx

  • Blue dye tests are really bad at giving evap lines 

    is your period late?

  • It was a blue line within the amount of time stated in the box but it was really faint. I have really irregular periods because I have PCOS, last one being in October but my gp said I still ovulate occ after having blood tests and loads of other tests done. I will be avoiding blue dye tests going forwards, thanks for letting me know xx

  • Occasionally*

  • I also have PCOS.I have been ttc for almost 6 years now.Last month miscarried at 2 weeks after confirming positive pregnancy test.If you can test with first response it would give you the correct results as they are very sensitive.Please keep updated.Good luck to you.

  • Thank you. Sorry to hear that. Sending lots of baby dust your way xx

  • Thank you..Did you take the test today?

  • No, first test last Thursday which had the faint blue line and then first respo test on Sunday which was negative x

  • Did your af arrive?

  • No but because of pcos I have really irregula periods xx

  • Ohh same like me.Sometimes I'm without af for almost 3 months.I even have it for 1-2 months continuous.Very heavy.But I could see a faint positive in your photo above.I feel you should take a test again with First response.

  • I tried first response on Sunday and it was negative so don’t want to take another. As can’t deal with the heartbreak when you don’t see that second line. I’m currently on my 8 month without a period  It’s just so stressful xx

  • I understand you.As i also have same problem.Lots of baby dust to you..

  • See here I had got it on first response but 2 weeks later I miscarried..It was really sad.Im heartbroken.I have been ttc for almost 6 years now.


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