Tell me if I’m crazy!

hey all! I’m new here. I have 2 children currently and husband and I have been trying for #3 for 5 years. Catch here is that after my 2nd baby I got an unfortunate pelvic infection that turned into a hydrosalpinx and I had to have my right tube removed. That surgery was in July of 2017. I also have pcos. anyways, I kinda gave up for a while and recently I have lost 15 lbs. since losing weight this cycle has been crazy different and on a whim I took a pregnancy test. I’m 10dpo (I think... PCOS makes this hard) and I THINK I see a second line? But I’ve thought that so many times before and made a fool of myself that I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. Anyways, honesty please! this was a FRER and I’ve actually NEVER seen any kind of anything on these before.

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