Success story- to inspire you beautiful ladies 💖Even with PCOS, i got pregnant

Hi ladies,

im Going to tell my story and hopefully Inapirw some of you. 28 yo thought hmmmm yeah maybe should have a baby,  had been settled with my BF for 7 years and decided that’s what we wanted to do. Came off the pill- had no bleed for one year. Diagnosed with PCOS. Had lap and dye, discovered I had one blocked tube. We tried naturally for three years afterwards- nothing.  

I was obsessed.  I had an app on my phone was tracking ovulation etc, having sex alllll the days I was “fertile” and in hindsight this put a huge strain on our relationship.

we attended our next app at the fertility clinic. We were asvised we should take the IVF route as it wasn’t happening naturally and basically needed to bypass my shitty falopian tubes if I was ever to conceive.

because my BF has a son from a PR we do not qualify for nhs- which is three rounds. Equivalent of £21k.

i gave up.  Told myself that’s how it’s meant to be. I will never be a mam. Heartbroken pushed to the pit of my stomach and carried on.

six weeks later- Positive pregnancy test! Still can’t believw it now.  

Everyone always said, stop thinking about it, stop stressing it’ll happen! But I couldn’t stop thinking about it because it’s all I’d wanted. Every FB log on someone else was pregnant and I’d think- why not me?! What is wrong with me???? Soaps everyone’s pregnant! Jeremy Kyle- pregnant! Bloody sheep with their lambs in a field!!!! It’s everywhere.

my point is, don’t loae faith. It will happen. But if it doesn’t, find your fulfillment elsewhere in life- adopt, foster. Help someone in an awful Situation. You have love to give so give it. 

Lots of love Adele 


  • Dele4218, thank you so much for sharing your story - we're sure it will give so many women who suffer with PCOS hope, and we are so pleased you posted it. It's funny, as we often spot when people 'give up' trying, they often fall pregnant - wonder what that's all about? 

  • me too! pcos fibroids etc i just accepted it wasnt meant to be and boom! and now im on baby number three! 

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