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Spotting before period.... how do I balance my hormones?


I'm hoping someone can help. Since my early miscarriage in January I have experienced spotting for about 5+ days before my period. I'm having accupuncture which has helped to improve the quality of my period (now red with few blood clots rather than brown/lots of blood clots) but the spotting continues. Sometimes it is red, sometimes pink, sometimes brown with what looks like stringy bits. It's not heavy, just when I wipe after the loo or a few spots on a pantyliner.

From what I've read this reflects a hormone imbalance. 

Has anyone else had this issue with spotting and if so what did you do to fix it?

I am taking Vitamin D3, a mixture of pre-pregnancy vitamins and have just found out about something called CoQ10. I went to my doctor but the usual one is off sick (she is amazing) and the locum was very dismissive when I asked to have my hormone levels checked and started on about having more holidays and trying to relax. 

Can anyone help?


  • I did and took vitamin B6 from Holland & Barrett xx

  • Hi hun I suffer terribly with long spells of spotting before and after my period, although I have endometriosis which is probably why. However I've been having fertility massage for the past 7months and my periods are starting to improve. I take a mixture of vitamins too but recently started taking dong quai supplements along side my others and have to say the spotting has improved. Might just be a coincidence but worth a try. I take the solgar brand of the song quai which are a one a day capsule. Acupuncture is amazing! But i'd also recommend fertility massage if you could find someone in your area that does it. GL x 

  • I don't know if this will help you but I've been using CoQ10 for healthy eggs, L-arginine for uterus lining and also small dose (75mg) of aspirin every day helps with blood flow in the uterus. Good luck xx

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