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Any long term ladies want to cycle buddy this month?

Hi lovely ladies,

I know this part of the forum isn’t hugely active any more, but I was here a few years ago and found a huge amount of comfort and support from this group. I have a long story around my ttc journey, as I have been trying since 2012, with an 18 month break due to some very difficult personal circumstances. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility in 2014, which was a bit of a kicker, as I was hoping for a magic cure I suppose. 

Fast forward to now, my husband and I have been ttc for three years, will be my first and his second. He has a 23 year old son from a previous marriage, which means we are very limited about what help we can get from the NHS, and in any case the funding has been withdrawn in my area. 

I hope this thread encourages some others to post here and I look forward to chatting to some of you xx


  • I’m going to try and post in here regularly for the month, feel free to join in if you would like to. So, today OH and I had an appt with our GP to discuss our next fertility steps. This is something we have been talking about a lot in the last few weeks. Our GP is brilliant, and we are able to have some investigations done on the NHS, which I was surprised about (as my H has a son from a previous marriage). Once the testing is done, we will be referred to a clinic, where we will need to pay for treatment. However, in our area, there is a clinic which offers affordable IVF and the costs go straight back to the NHS. We had previously been looking at a private clinic where the costs were completely out of reach for us. 

    This month we are also following SMEP, and I have bought some fertility lube and some digital OPKs to use alongside my cheapies. Feeling hopeful today!

  • Ok, so I think I’m ovulating today. Husband and I have been following SMEP, I’ve also been temping and using opks. Last night we BD using fertility lube and afterwards I used my menstrual cup to help keep all the swimmers where they need to be. No idea if that will work or not but feel like I am taking what little control I have of this process! Husband is certainly enjoying the dancing 😂😂😂

  • Hi octatine thought I'd say hi 😊 I'm 1dpo so just infront of you. We've been trying for 15months for our first baby and nothing. Finally went to GP this month and hubby is booked in for sperm analysis end of December so everything else is pending on the results. Im glad your GP is being understanding and still investigating things for your partner having a child already. It's so sad that women like yourself are completely disregarded on nhs because of it. I hope the smep method works for you, I've tried it tons of times but no luck so have gone back to dtd every other day. 

  • Hi Lacey, thanks for stopping by! FF put the cross hairs on my chart today so I am officially 3dpo! Its so nice having someone else in the same point in their cycle, especially as it sounds like you guys have been trying for a while too. Sorry to hear things have been taking a while for you, it’s such a frustrating process isn’t it?! At least you’ve got the ball rolling with your testing now. My H has his sperm analysis next week, and then I’ve got to book in a bunch of blood tests various points in my cycle. I’ve had a bunch of testing done before in 2014, and it came back that I have unexplained infertility. I don’t feel that anything has changed in that time so not really expecting them to find anything, but we need to get checked out so that we can make decisions about the next steps and whether to try IVF.

    Wishing you lots of luck for this cycle 😊

  • Today I am 9dpo. Had a really vivid dream last night that I tested and those two magic lines appeared. We’ve chucked everything at it this cycle and whilst part of me thinks even that won’t make a difference (self protection strategy!) I know I’ll be gutter when AF inevitably shows her ugly face. Trying hard not to symptom spot too, so far I don’t feel any different. 

  • Hi again Octarine I'm 10dpo today this cycle has gone quite quickly actually. My boobies very sore and big but this is as they usually are this point in my cycle so probably means AF is doing her thing! It does sound like we are at similar stages in our ttc journey. It's very frustrating that this process isn't easy for us. I also dream about those two pink lines all the time and often wake up in huge disappointment when I realise it was just a dream. Just hoping our dreams turn to reality very soon. Wishing you all the luck! I'll update you with this months outcome, not long to wait as AF due Friday for me xxx 

  • Hey Lacey, got everything crossed for you lovely! Here‘s hoping AF stays away for you. Keep me posted!

    Ive had a massive spot come up on my chin, been a bit crampy all day and temps took a huge drop this morning. I’m 12dpo, period is due Sunday but I think it will be early. 

    We are waiting on H’s SA result and once AF shows up I can get on with booking some blood tests, so two fingers to the evil red witch!! 

  • I’m out for this month, AF showed up three days early 😢

  • Ditto I'm on CD2 😢 One more try to pregnant this year but not holding out much hope. I'm going to everything in my power to make it happen next year though! Hopefully January we will finally  have some answers and get the ball rolling my side. Starting to accept that this probably isn't going to happen naturally so just want to push forward with the next stage! Still feels rubbish when AF shows though there's always that small voice of hope that is like what if this is my month but no she always bloody shows -excuse the pun! 

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