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TTC#2...pcos ...metformin.....any success stories?

Hi all

A quick background on me....

Me and my DH have being ttc#2 for nearly 2 years now. we already have our darling son who is now 8 years old and he was a clomid baby. i was put on 50mg clomid for 3 months and i conceived on the 2nd month. it worked so well for me with no side effects and turned my 40+ cycle to a 28 day cycle within the first month.

we decided to ttc#2 when our son was 5 years old but could not again ovulate naturally. i went to see my doctor and by this time we have moved away from london to kent. after trying naturally for 1 year i went to see my doctor who sent me for scan and blood works. 

in march 2017 i was diagnosed with PCOS and was about to be given clomid again but just then we were about to move again and we moved to the midlands due to work commitments. i registered with my local gp and asked if i could be prescribed the clomid like i was about to when i moved, they refused to give me clomid as the rules are apparently different in different part of the country. i have now been referred to a gyo but my appointment is not until feb 2019. in the meantime i have been give metformin 500mg to help with my PCOS.

I am on 500mg for 1st week then 1000mg 2nd week then 1500mg 3rd week onwards.

i would love to hear if any of you ladies here have any success with metformin and at what dosage and how long have you been on it to regulate and ovulate and also to to get your bfp.

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