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Hello everyone

Has anyone used pre-seed?

We've been TTC for about 14 months now (while surrounded by a baby boom in our circle of friends, family and colleagues) and (TMI alert) I don't think that I'm producing enough cm, certainly not ewcm.

So fed up - DH has (kindly) decided that we're going to the doctors at the end of next month, so I'm trying everything I can think of this month. Had a few health problems over the last year, just can't face more tests.

Advice appreciated.



  • I use it. Have found it really helpful - actually I got my BFP first month using it in Nov but sadly it ended in mc. TTC again now so full of PMA. Good luck and i would definitely say give it a go.
  • Hi - 14 months can feel like an age - you have my sympathy.

    We have used pre-seed and zestica and they are both great (slightly prefer the texture of zestica, but that's a personal choice!).

    Last year I also took one evening primrose oil capsule a day from day 1 until OV (but not during the 2ww) and the level of EWCM definitely increased.

    Fingers crossed these things work, and if you don't get your BFP this month that hope all goes well with the GP.
  • Ladies, thank you - PMA reserves v.low and you've been very helpful. @MrsD - yep - on EPO as well for the first time this month.
    Thank you, thank you
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