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A bit of a winge!

Hi Ladies,

Sorry to do this but theres not many places i can vent!

Ive had a nightmare couple of weeks, firslty my AF came, then last week my flight out to see my sis got cancelled, we managed to get day a flight the next day but then out flights back got cancelled until after christmas so we had to pay a fortune and buy flights with a different airline and fly to a different airport (3 days later!) and it took 9 hours to get back to the airport where we had left our car! All in all it was a nightmare..

Then the next day (christmas eve) exhusted and stressed I crashed my OH car!

Then the final bit that has erkked me today is most of our relatives didnt bother to buy for our foster child. We have been doing the usual rounds to family and friends and I always take time to buy their children (our neices, newphews and godchildren) thoughtful gifts. (this is a whole other gripe... we have 8 neices and newphews, and mostly our family say just buy for the kids, which is okay but we buy for 8 children, birthdays and christmas, and never ever get even a small gift in return. I know that sounds petty but we spend a good couple of hundred a year and a a token box of choc brought for aunty and uncle wouldnt go amiss... does that sound really meanand petty? sorry!) Anyway, regardless of the above i would have expected people to buy a little gift for our foster child, but it seems they have got so used to us being childless that they just forgot, and it was more than a little embarrassing handing their children gifts and not having anything to offer in return. Cos he has behavioural probs he made it clear he was expecting something and although this was a little rude i was also embarrased for myself and for them. Am i over acting?

I dont know just feeling all a bit down about it all, oh and forgot to mention cos of the flights being cancelled we missed our fertility appointment where i was supposed to be refferred. They cant offer me another until march! :cry: I might see what my gp can do.

Anyway lovely ladies, sorry this hasnt been more christmassy.

I will log on again tomorrow with a more cheery post!

Love to you all.. baby dust

Gem x


  • Sending a hug xxx No I don't think you are being unreasonable. It sounds to me as though you are being taken for granted and I also don't think it unreasonable for you to expect your foster child to have received something in return. It is just about being appreciated. It would make me cross too x

    Can't believe you missed your appointment. Would I be right in thinking the weather was the reason for the cancelled flights? So sorry you missed it. I would have a chat to your GP he/she might be able to pull some strings, otherwise March is not so bad, in the grand scheme of how long we have been trying. Sorry AF came again. I really think you are first in line for some good luck soon. Don't apologise for not being christmassy, there is something about this time of year that makes or breaks, take care sweetie xx thinking of you xx
  • Hee hee, thanks socks, whislt you were writing this i was writing a thread to you! :lol:

    Thanks for being so understanding, i feel like an old meany, but thats only cos its feels so unfair!

    Anyway, have you been skiing yet or is that the new year? have fun.. ive never been and think i would be awful, all arms and legs! Hot and sunny is the way forward with me!

    Big Hugs

    Gem x

  • Oh lovely, I am so sorry to hear about everything that has happened. You are certainly not being out of order, and I too would be extremaly annoyed if my foster child is not acknowledged esp after everything you had done.
    I can't believe your flight was missed image I would definitely ring your GP and see if anything can be done, also try direct with the secretary and tell her the complete story about the flights etc and see if you can be put on a cancellation list of something?
    I really hope you are looking after yourself and we are hear any time for you to let off steam,
    Take care, xxx
  • Ooooh no hate the heat. Off to Austria 9th Jan, we snowboard so it is mainly floundering arms! Yes I did smile when I saw the "socks" post when I finished writing here. I almost did an fao GEM post in IVF section but I couldn't find a post from you there so didn't know if you had moved there or not. xx
  • Hi Gem!

    Ah bless you! Whinge away flower - talk about life being cruel - sounds like you have been through the mill.

    You are so not over reacting - I would be pi$$ed re the present thing too!! A token gift should not have been too much to expect ... a smelly set or board game etc. A little thought goes along way! Some people just don't think outside the box!

    I had a few bad weeks about a month ago with one thing after the other none of which in themselves were bad but they all seem to happen at once... i too crashed my hubby's new car!!! :roll: All repaired now and lets face it only a piece of metal as long as you are okay it does not matter!

    I am sorry that you missed your appointment - can you call and ask to be put on a cancellation list? Or any chance of going private?

    Anyway, make sure you keep that chin of yours up Sweetie!! To quote my father "don't let the bu99ers get you down!"
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